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10 Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make


There are lots of errors a dog owner could make. We all know that. We are only human, and it is difficult to maintain existing rules when your new puppy stares at you. Although being inconsistent could cause issues you will then be required to handle when you do not make things right in your dog’s life.

Reflection is 20/20, although brand-new canine owners struggle as they learn what to do. The following are several errors to prevent for those first time canine owners! Don’t be afraid if yo have already made several of them, it happens!


#1 – Believing dog “grow out of” awful behavior.


Puppies do not grow out of any bad behavior they may have. Dogs that learn as pups that if they surf your kitchen counter they could snag some treats won’t stop doing that unless you teach them better habits.


#2 – Delaying training.


Lots of folks believe puppies are too young to learn so they delay training til their pet is into the teenager state. But in reality pups can begin learning immediately after you get them. Begin learning with things like proper leash manners. This will make you both much happier later on.


#3 – Penalizing them for having accidents in the house.


Some people think you punish a dog who’s had an accident in the house by rubbing its nose into the mess but that is just old wives’ tale and totally wrong. They do not understand how those things are related and that you are doing it so they won’t go to the bathroom in the house. Plus, it may cause lots of emotional problems with the dog you’ll have to correct later.


#4 – Believing all dogs are friendly.


Even though a few pups are quite friendly and love all people, all dogs are not this way. Your dog or some other pup could be who’s being reactive. But whatever the case, don’t believe all dogs are nice. It’s always a good idea to ask the other owner prior to trying to touch, pet or otherwise be around the other dog or letting your pooch go near it.


#5 – No set rules.


Dogs love routines, implying they will do their best if you have a schedule and consistent rules. If the boundaries are always changing, like one day you let him up into your chair and then the next day you yell at him for jumping into it. He won’t understand what to do or how to act without set rules.

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#6 –  Not going to the vet enough.


A Banfield Pet Hospital report says that nearly 40 percent of dogs weigh too much. Plus they also have issues like arthritis, diabetes, kidney issues, and thyroid disease. Plus of course there are tons of dogs with fleas! These could all be happening due to people not taking their dogs to the vet since research shows those visits went down about 21 percent.


#7 – Forgetting to Doggie proof your house.


You need to get your home ready if you are bringing home a new puppy. It’s the same as doing it for a brand new baby human. A few folks will not do so, and that is why many pups get into poisons, or end up with a bowel obstruction from swallowing something inedible or ruining household things by chewing them up.


#8 – Providing dogs with medicine meant for people without getting approval from a vet.


Doing this could kill your dog! The ASPCA says people medications are number two on their list of the top poisons they handle in their animal poison control center. Sometimes it is an accident, but never give people medications to your dog unless the vet tells them to do it.


#9 – Promoting doggy bad behavior in your puppy.


Lots of dog owners fall into a trap where they think their pup is so cute that they allow them to do lots of bad behaviors like barking, begging, jumping, stealing snacks, etc. And they may even reward them for doing it since it is a cute little pup. That pup will be a big dog in time and it will not be very cute. Then it’s retraining time or the dog could end up in the pound!


#10 – Not providing proper socialization.


Lots of dog owners are concerned about their pup getting germs if they take them places, or they are just so busy they neglect doing it. However, it is necessary to socialize your puppy or they will not grow up to be well adjusted dogs. They can do things like sit in your yard, ride in the car or go shopping with you in a pet store. You only need about ten minutes a day to do things to get them used to other folks as well as used to stuff like sounds vet trips, other pets, and more.  It is really best if you do this for short timeframes anyway.

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