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10 Dog Breeds That Are Easy to Train


The majority of folks seek out a dog breed they can live with easily. A search for the easiest dog breed for training purposes is one of the top desires when a person wants to adopt a dog.  It’s possible to train any dog, but some can be trained easier than other kinds.

All pups are individuals, obviously, so any list is a comprehensive overview of what breeds are typically relatively simple to train things like house manners and basic obedience commands. If you want a dog breed that is simple to teach to compete in obedience trials or to learn more advanced commands, these breeds in the following list are good choices. You would also have a nice dog that minds well and could even know a few great tricks.

(Note: A few breeds well known for being good at the competition have been left out, i.e. Belgian Malinois and Border Collie, as they are mostly bred as working dogs. They are simple for professional trainers to teach to do things, but if you are a novice, they are actually harder to handle.)

10 easiest to train dog breeds:

#10 – Poodles


All types of Poodle – Toy, Standard, and Miniature are very smart, love to please, and learn fast.  You’ll see it listed on a lot of lists of easy breeds of dogs to teach things to. Do not just consider them a pretty face with their fancy cuts. They love to please people and are very even-tempered.


#9 – Golden Retrievers


While not as smart as some breeds, the Golden Retriever is a very loyal pet and loves to please their owners. Therefore, they’re an example of a breed of dog that’s very easy to train, especially since they also forgive people quickly, as well as love to learn new things.


#8 – Labrador Retrievers


Voted as the favorite dog in America, Labrador Retrievers definitely offer potential dog parents many things to consider. These pups are very sweet, love to have fun and you can train them pretty easily. They just want you to be happy.


#7 – Collies


Smooth as well as Rough Collies belong in the herding dog category. They are raised as working dogs, but they are very responsive to what their owner needs. They’re smart pups and simple to teach things to because they aren’t as lively as some breeds, so most owners can keep up with them.

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#6 – German Shepherd Dogs


German Shepherd Dogs are said to be a Jack-of-all-trades for dog breeds. They’re smart, easy to teach things to, and a lot of people have chosen to own them. This dog does require having a job though if you want him to be happy! However, they love to learn things and they’re also good at many doggie sports.


#5 – Papillons


The majority of toy dog breeds are tenacious and tough to deal with, however, Papillons are not in that category at all. They are very smart and love to please you. They are tiny, yet lively. They love to learn new things and actually do quite well in a lot of kinds of doggie sports.


#4 – Cardigan Welsh Corgis


The oldest and biggest of the type of Corgis, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is strong-willed and independent. It’s herding bred, however he’s very smart and will listen to its owners. They do require being given a job, but they love to learn new things and it should be simple to teach them basic obedience commands.


#3 – Pembroke Welsh Corgis


Pembroke Welsh Corgis are more well-known and better loved than the previous Corgi breed. They are lively and a bit stubborn and must have someone who’s consistent teaching them the manners of the household. However, they do listen to their owners and like having jobs and learning new things.


#2 – Shetland Sheepdogs


Shetland Sheepdogs might look like a small Rough Collie, however, they are a bit livelier and go pretty good in many doggie sports. They’re smart and love to please you so they are simple to teach things to.


#1 – Swedish Vallhunds


Comparable to Corgis, the Swedish Vallhund is a small breed of herding dog. They’re bred to be independent, but they will take heed of what you want them to do. They’re lively and smart, but you do need to be consistent in order to take advantage of them being simple to teach things to.


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