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10 Fascinating Facts About Cats That Even Crazy Cat Ladies Don’t Know


Do you believe you know all there is to know about cats? Well, I bet not! Here are 10 feline facts that are sure to surprise even the most knowledgeable cat owner. See for yourself!

Kitties are so mysterious! You are dead wrong if you believe you have all the facts in existence on these wonderful creatures. I have had cats for pets all my life, and my kitties always find a way to astound me!

I will give you an example.

One bright and early morning around 5 am, I found out that my little darling kitten Ebony was capable of climbing up a cat tree, jumping to the kitchen counter, opening the door to the cupboard and indulging herself in some tasty cat treats! Wow, what a smart cat! And here are a few more fun facts:


#1 Cats have their own Goddess

In the time of the great Pharaohs of Egypt, cats were worshiped and there was a Cat Goddess named Bast or Bastet. She was a warrior cat Goddess and has been shown as both a lioness as well as a female with a cat’s head on her body.

Bastet protected households, as well as made sure no evil spirit or sickness attached to the women and children of the home. Many Egyptians worshipped Bastet and she was quite popular. Plus, all cats were sacred to this goddess, so be sure not to make your cat mad or they might pray to Bastet to strike you down!


#2 the Egyptians made mummy cats

As you may know, the Egyptians worshiped felines, in part because they caught and killed vermin like snakes and mice and that in turn kept the food supply safe.  This was a vital job, so they honored the cats when they died by turning them into mummies, just like they did the great Pharaohs.

One expedition even found hundreds of thousands of cat mummies inside of a temple dedicated to Bastet, the Goddess we mentioned earlier. The people mourned the death of a cat as if the animal was a human being and even punished people by death if they killed a cat!


#3. cats have perfected LANDINgs

You may know already that cats can twist their bodies in midair and therefore usually land on their feet when they fall or jump from a high distance. This ability is known as a righting reflex. Even tiny baby kittens only a few weeks old are capable of doing this at 3 weeks old and by 7 weeks they have perfected this act!

Our felines have a very interesting type of skeletal structure, they don’t have a collarbone and their backbones are quite flexible and that is some of the reasons they can land so well on their feet.


#4. catNAPS ARE vital FOR baby KITTENS

If you think your tiny kitten sleeps too much, you are actually wrong. They need to sleep a lot while growing up because a cat’s body only puts out needed growth hormones while they are asleep. So, the kittens need to nap so they can grow up to be big, healthy, and strong adults. Even adult cats need a lot of sleep, but they are really alert even while asleep. We, cat owners, know that for sure because if they hear a can open or a bag rustle, they run to the kitchen to make sure they get first dibs of that tasty food or treats.

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#5 in olden times cats were declared as being evil!

Back in the times of  Pope Innocent, the 8th cats were declared as evil servants of the Devil and witches familiars. Sadly 1000s of them were killed. But this backfired on the people quite badly later, because this mean no cats to fill off the rats and mice which carried deadly fleas that caused the Bubonic Plague! This caused millions of folks to die of this disease all over Europe. So, the moral of the story is not to think cats are evil when they are really essential.



Did you know that not every cat in the world even likes catnip or gets high on it? It’s true! The reality is as much as half the cats in the world don’t give one tail swish about this famous herb. The ingredient that makes the rest go nutty is called nepetalactone, and if a cat is sensitive for this, then it gets passed down to their offspring.


#7 WHO is my cat’s father?

Did you ever notice that lots of times kittens in a litter look different? Well, it may shock you, but kittens in a single litter can have more than one daddy! The mom cat can mate with more than one boy cat when she goes into heat, and one or more of them could be the one that fertilizes the eggs that turn into her kittens.


#8 why do cats purr?

Many people have sought to find out why it is that our felines purr. Some are scientists and some are just everyday folks, and I bet you are one of them. However, to this day no one knows the precise reason cats can purr. They do it for several reasons from being in a happy mood to actually use purring to console themselves when they are hurting.


#9 felines can speak to us

Kittens are known to cry so their mom cats know they are frightened, hungry or possibly just bored. But did you know that adult kitties don’t meow at each other to talk to one another? Instead, the adult cats use other sounds, plus some bodily movements like how they hold their tale, to communicate.

Our grownup cats do however meow to people! They know that if they keep meowing at us that we will finally get the message and give them food or toys or other items.


#10. most cats shouldn’t drink milk

Did you know most felines shouldn’t be given milk? A lot of kitties are lactose intolerant and if they drink milk they get sick or even throw up! There are other people foods our cats should not eat either that can actually poison them. These include onions, as well as garlic and chocolate. Cats don’t usually get attracted to chocolate though since they cannot taste sweet things, so you aren’t going to be depriving them.


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