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10 Homemade Beauty Tips Every Girl Must Know


Every girl is born beautiful in her own special way and in order to bring about that beauty one need only to follow these basic beauty tips.

Girls want to make up their all parts of the body such are face, skin and hair also. Girls also want to make their body fit with some tips. Here below we have given different simple beauty tips for girls to follow.


1. Don’t Forget To Smile:

A smile increases girl’s face value and brightens up everyone’s day. It costs nothing but is priceless. A radiant smile can do what no makeup brush can. So smile and make others smile along with you. This is very simplest beauty tips for girls.


2. Hands And Nails:

Soft and delicate-looking hands are a treat for the eyes. Moisturize the hands to keep them smooth. Do not reapply coat after coat to nail polish and do not continuously wear nail polish. The nails like every other part of the body needs to breathe so allow them to. If you have brittle nails wear a base coat before applying nail polish.


3. Don’t Forget To Use Sunscreen:

If you’re living in a city which is located in a country, which is further located in a continent near the equatorial region, then you will have to use sunscreen almost daily. Don’t forget to massage your arms and fingers and skin with the help of sunscreen before you go out.


4. Skin Care Tips:

Girls should always know and learn about their skin. What suits it? What is it allergic to? Give your body a scrub from top to toe twice weekly to remove dead skin cells and never ever omit to moisturize your body after a bath. Keeping the body moisturized from young will maintain its youthfulness in your adult years.


5. Do Deep Conditioning For Dry Hair:

If you’re dealing with dry hair, then it’s better to fix than to ignore it. One should keep the hair moisturized at all times if she has dry hair. Avoid hair straighteners if you have dry hair. This is an effective skin care tips for girls.

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6. Hair Color And Its Prevention:

Choosing the right hair color can always make you look a lot more beautiful than you are. Another thing with hair color is its maintenance. Maintaining a hair color can be hard for girls. One should adopt some measures to make the hair color last long. This means using less harsh shampoos and more moisturizing ones such as Dove, saving the hair from all kinds external natural damage, etc and much more. This can be said to be one of the best beauty tips for girls.


7. Keep The Face Toned:

People look at you first and do a pre-judging before they even examine your qualities. You will have to keep the cheeks in shape if you’re going to lay some serious impression on your friends and on the people at your workplace.


8. No Foundation For Covering Acne:

Sometimes teenage girls use their foundation for covering the acne. This is not good at all. The foundation might have some side effects on the acne and this boosts the spread and density of the acne as well. This is one of the skin care tips for girls.


9. Get Rid Of Wrinkles:

Wrinkles which appear with age and are totally natural can reduce your skin glow and make you look a lot more aged than you are (in certain cases). There are times when the spread of wrinkles is pretty harmful and it lasts for a long time and doesn’t want to fade. To keeping the beautiful face on, you will have to work on your skin wrinkle issues.


10. Face Makeup Tips For Girls:

Choose a suitable moisturizer for your skin type and apply it after washing your face at home. Never go to sleep with your makeup on. This will clog the pores and result in acne and other skin problems that can add to your woes. Remove all makeup with a gentle cleanser and take special care when removing the eye up.


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