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10 Natural Beauty Tips For Face Whitening


Most face whitening products are formulated to combat such problems and delay the ageing process. So if you must use resort to face whitening for its advantages or to simply satisfy your vanity, here are the 10 best beauty tips to help you along.


1. Lemon

There is nothing better than lemon when it comes to natural bleaches. Directly rub a small part of a lemon on your face and let it get soaked for around 30 mins. Wash it using lukewarm water. Repeat this daily for the best results in the least time.

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2. Oatmeal + Sugar

A mixture of oatmeal, sugar and lemon juice, until a coarse scrub-like texture is formed, is to be scrubbed on the face and then washed off. If you repeat this procedure twice a week it will whiten your face in no time.


3. Yogurt

Yoghurt contains lactic acid, which is a natural bleaching agent. It can be applied directly to the affected part. After rubbing, wait for around 20 mins and rinse with cold water later. This produces highly desirable results.


4. Tomato and Cucumber Pack

Tomatoes are an extremely useful and commonly available ingredient to improve face tone naturally. The antioxidant lycopene soothes the skin against sunburns, thus acting as a natural sunscreen. It reduces oiliness in the skin as well. Cucumber juice is an excellent blemish and pigmentation remover as well, reducing dark circles around the eyes. A paste of these two is a commonly preferred homemade beauty tip for face whitening, which produces instant results.


5. Banana and Almond Oil Pack

One of the most inexpensive homemade beauty tips for skin whitening can be prepared from ripe bananas and almond oil. Banana increases collagen production in the skin and thus helps maintain suppleness and elasticity of the skin. It also helps in improving the complexion of the skin as well. Almonds have a large content of vitamins A, D and E which act as great anti-oxidants to maintain healthy skin. It is also very helpful in lightening the dark circles and protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and improves the flow of blood. Mash the banana to form a smooth paste and then add the almonds. Apply this mixture for 20 mins and rinse with cold water to obtain fair, white, glowing skin.

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6. Potato Pulp and Lemon Pack

Potato juice has been used for lightening the skin since ages, removing extra oils and blemishes in the process. Lemons are a natural bleaching agent, which remove dead cells and suntan and also help in cleansing the skin. A combination of these two is the best natural remedy for fairness and tan removal.


7. Natural Solution

Natural solutions are always preferable when it comes to skincare and the face pack which wins hands down in face whitening is one made from barley flour, lemon juice, and rosewater. Apply this mixture to a moist face till it dries and then washes off with cold water for effective results.


8. Milk it Down

Not just a grandmother’s adage, milk is indeed one of the best natural skin whitening agents. It works from the inside out to lighten the skin’s colour. Drink a glass of cold milk before bedtime for beautiful, healthy skin.


9. Wash and Moisturize

Cleaning the face regularly especially after coming home from the outside is important to get rid of all the unwanted dirt and excess oil which, if allowed to settle down can cause the skin to darken. Keeping the face washed and moisturized at all times considerably lightens up one’s complexion and imparts a natural glow to the face.


10. Skin Bleaching

If you’re looking for immediate results, you can go in for skin bleaching. Skin bleaching as a method of lightening facial skin is effective and safe as well, so long as you do it properly and not in excess.

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