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10 Practical Beauty Tips For Busy Moms


Mothers are often among the first and most significant influences we have growing up, tasked with helping to teach us the ropes of life and typically proving our first exposure—and only—access to self-care guidance and goods. (Cue the messy kid makeup pics, heated hair debates, and those highly anticipated ‘when you’re truly ready’ below-the-knee shaving tutorials.)


1. Multitasking makes everything easier (if you do it right)

The pro: Annie Ford Danielson, co-chief beauty ambassador at Benefit Cosmetics

“My mom’s entire approach to beauty was making it easy and fun—that’s the philosophy she founded Benefit Cosmetics on. Your products should be simple and intuitive, and even better if they can serve two or three purposes for you instead of just one. That’s part of the reason she developed Benetint, the industry’s first-ever tint. It’s the perfect rosy shade and can be worn on both lips and cheeks, which gives you the look of being totally put together, but in reality only took 10 seconds to apply.”


2. Color inside the lines

The pro: Maggie Ford Danielson, chief beauty ambassador at Benefit Cosmetics

“My mom was all about the ‘cat whisker’ application. Draw cat whiskers from the sides of your mouth outward to your cheeks with concealer. Do the same with the inner and outer corners of your eyes, then blend. It ends up concentrating the product where you need it most and where there is the majority of the darkness/discoloration.”


3. Schedule beauty tune-ups

The pro: Terri Bryant, a makeup artist, beauty educator, and founder of GUIDE BEAUTY

“One of my favorite childhood memories is going to the makeup counter with my mom.  When I was a child, cosmetic companies released four color collections a year. I would anxiously await a phone call each season letting Mom know the latest collection had arrived so she could book her appointment for a makeover. I loved watching Mom in the makeup chair exploring new colors and application techniques (this is also when she would refresh her skincare regimen, another big priority). Her ‘beauty maintenance’ days taught me that no matter how busy life gets, it’s important to set aside time for yourself, and to use that time to reassess what’s working and what’s not. Mom is now in her 80s and looks fabulous!”

4. Skincare shouldn’t stop at the face

The pro: Aida Bicaj, a celebrity facialist and skin expert in New York who’s worked with celebrities like Carla Gugino and Kyra Sedgwick

“My mother advised me that once a week you must get rid of the dead cells on your body with a gentle exfoliator in order to better penetrate products. You need to take care of your body as much as your face. She always said the first signs of aging are your knees, which need special attention!”


5. Embrace your natural glow


6. Treat your feet

Tho pro: Natalie Aguilar, a celebrity aesthetician and dermatological nurse in Los Angeles

“My mom raised my sister and me to protect our feet from calloused or cracked heels (one of her biggest pet-peeves was feeling the sheets get slightly stuck to her dry feet!). She would constantly remind us to apply moisturizer or balm, sealed with a pair of socks, before going to bed. To this day, we make sure to keep our feet perfectly hydrated and cared for.”


7. Beauty sleep is real 

The pro: Dr. Kan Cao, a scientist, human aging expert and founder of Bluelene

“I have a deep knowledge of science and aging, but when it comes to good skin health, it’s important to remember the basics. Specifically, mother always encouraged me to get enough sleep. Starting at a young age, I began making a point to sleep at least seven to eight hours a night to allow my skin to regenerate. A healthy sleep pattern has allowed my skin to rest and cell turnover to occur, which keeps my skin plump, smooth and more youthful.”


8. Frame your face

The pro: Gina Rivera, a hair artist and CEO of Phenix Salon Suites

“My mother always stressed the role of a well-shaped, full eyebrow in accentuating all of your features. First, you will want to make sure you groom your eyebrows properly. A good brow artist can assist you with this and can also help you identify a good shape for your face. In some circumstances, you may need to add some color to your brows, which you can do easily with a brow or powder, or take a more permanent approach with microblading—consult a professional to ensure the shade is a good fit for you!”


9. Less is more

The pro: Joshua Zeichner, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York

“If my mom taught me one thing, it’s that being complicated is not necessarily better. KISS, or ‘Keep It Simple Stupid,’ is the motto I was taught growing up in all aspects of life. It’s particularly appropriate when it comes to skincare, and I have incorporated that concept into all the skincare routines I put together for patients. Prep and protect your skin with a gentle cleanser, an antioxidant serum, and sunscreen in the morning. Then repair it in the evening with an evening moisturizer and a collagen-stimulating ingredient like retinol.”


10. Prep with purpose

The pro: Martha Lynn Kale, a haircare and clean beauty expert and owner and operator of the Mirror Mirror salon in Austin, Texas

“My mom is a total beauty guru and it shows. She’s in her 60s and looks amazing, so I would do anything she says. Growing up in the south, we were raised to put a little effort in your look. My mom would say, ‘Whatever you are going for, do it with intention.’ Putting your hair in a simple ponytail can make you appear pulled together, and throwing on some lip gloss and mascara will give you a little pep in your step.”


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