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10 Signs Your Dog Is Happy

Everyone wants their doggie to be happy! We do what we can to make sure their lives are healthy and happy. However, how can you know if they are happy or if they need you to boost their happiness level? Here’s 10 signals to look for to see if your pup’s happy, as well as a few simple hints, to improve their happiness.


1. Your dog has a healthy appetite

Kinda like us, if our dog is happy and healthy they have a good appetite. Top dog experts say that if your dog’s appetite changes, then something is wrong. If you notice their appetite goes either up or down drastically, then they could be sick and need to see the vet.


2. Your dog loves to socialize

If your dog is happy, they will normally love to socialize with other pups and people. They’ll love to do things like go on walks, play sessions, and also be around other pups. If you dog is shy, they could use some special training sessions at a dog training facility. It’s a great way to make your dog happier and you will be happier too!


3. Your dog does not dig up your yard or show additional destructive actions

Experts will tell you that if your pup is happy, they are not usually going to tear up the house. If they chew up things or do other bad behavior, it may mean they are stressed out or bored. If a dog isn’t provided with the right amount of stimulation and they don’t get to interact with other dogs or people, or if they have separation anxiety, then your house could end up suffering. That is a reason some people use doggie day care, but you can additionally provide mental stimulation for your pup by using a few basic enrichment items.


4. Your dog gets excited whenever you get home

If your pup gets all excited when you get home from work or school, then you know they must be happy. Happy dogs always get excited to see someone, even if they were only gone for a few minutes.


5. Your dog gets that ‘puppy-dog’ eyes look

If your pup’s eyes are relaxed and they have a soft looking gaze, instead of having narrowed eyes (which shows aggression) or widened eyes (which shows fear) then your dog is a happy pup.

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6. Your dog’s mouth, body, and ears look relaxed

Dogs will get tense if they are stressed, just like people do. If your dog’s body is tensed up or seems stiff, that normally means they are uncomfortable somehow. But if their body is all relaxed and loose and their mouth is open and relaxed along with non-tense ears, likely your pooch is very happy and healthy.


7. Your dog’s entire body wags when her tail wags

If a pup is investigating a new area or they are on alert for some reason, they still wag their tails. However, their body will normally still be stiff and unmoving. But if your dog’s whole body shakes when their tail is wagging, it means they are very happy, as well as very relaxed.


8. You get jealous of your dog’s shiny fur

If a dog is healthy and happy, they usually have very shiny fur. But if they are unhappy and stressed out, they usually shed a lot and have dull looking fur.


9. Your dog sleeps good (and at times has her tongue sticking out)

If your pet is happy, they usually sleep quite well, as much as sixteen hours of the day. But if they seem to have a hard time getting to sleep or aren’t sleeping much, they could be stressed out. Plus happy pups sometimes have their tongues hanging out of their mouths if they are sleeping, it’s a certain signal they are really happy and very relaxed.


10. Your dog’s bark is very high pitched   

Did you know you could understand much about your dog’s state of mind by the way they bark? Dogs that have a short and high pitched sounding bark are usually pretty happy pups. But if they are stressed out, the bark is usually longer with a lower pitch to it. However, don’t use just the way they bark to judge their moods, if you know your dog you should be able to read his other signals too in order to figure it out.

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