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10 Signs Your Dog Loves You


Dogs provide us with tons of reasons to love them. They are cuddly, loyal and they make us laugh. They help us exercise when we walk them, and they always love to go for a ride and they make it so you are never alone. It is not difficult to determine why we love our dogs however, it is sometimes difficult to figure out how they love us.

Dogs are quite cute pets. They are wonderful and so you may not require knowing they love you to keep loving them, but it would be nice to actually know they love us too. Probably, no matter what you learn in these 10 signals, your gut is going to let you know if your dog loves you or not.  But if you can’t tell, then here are 10 signals showing your dog truly is in love with you.


 10. If Your Dog is Making Eye Contact


Person-to-person, eye contact is deemed as something positive. If you know another person is making eye contact, you know they are really involved and care about your thoughts. However, Vetstreet says that dogs feel differently. They actually think it is a threat if you make eye contact. However, they will stare at us to show their respect and love. So if you cannot see your dog’s eye whites then they are truly comfy around you.


9. If Your Dog is Wagging their tails


Traditional knowledge says if a dog wags its tail then it is happy. Dogscutie verifies this is additionally a signal they love you. If a dog is relaxed they will wag their tails, which means they feel great about you! But if they wag their tail but have a stiff body, it’s likely they are mad at you, so beware of that.


8. If Your Dog is Yawning


Live Science talked about a study where dogs yawned more often around their people than around strangers. It revealed that if a dog yawns it means they are empathetic. Therefore, if your dog yawns when you do, it could mean he loves you.

7. If Your Dog is Raising Its Eyebrows


Besides wagging their tails, try to notice if your dog has other expressions showing on their face. A Japanese research team revealed dogs raised their left eyebrow when their owners were in view. It was more than just a cute event and showed the dog was truly excited and happy to see their owners. And of course, they are!

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6. If Your Dog is Snuggling


A great doggie snuggle is a wonderful thing! Plus, it is really a sign of love too! Vetstreet says if your doggie loves to snuggle, be glad because they didn’t just decide to sleep anywhere else, they wanted to be next to you to show their love.


5. If Your Dog is Gives Ecstatic Welcomes


Dogs go nuts even if we are gone five minutes or five days! Once you get through your door, they go crazy in a great way. This is hardly surprising that research says that means your dog loves you. However, Rovers Daily Treat’s study proved this is true.

4. If Your Dog is Sleeping Beside You


Dogscutie says our dogs consider us their wild pack. Dogs are all pack creatures, and in the wild, all wolves sleep cuddled up with the pack. If your dog loves you then he will also want to sleep with you and other family members because it makes them feel safe and comfy.


3. If Your Dog is Smiling


If you have wondered if dogs can smile, then I will tell you that yes they can! They are truly smiling and not just randomly making weird faces. Vetstreet says if a dog’s mouth is open and relaxed and forms a smile then they are truly in a happy and loving mood.


2. If Your Dog is Leaning Up Onto You


Canidae says that dogs could be leaning on their owners for several reasons, such as they are scared, they desire something, they like snuggling, or they want to do so for safety and security. Whatever they do it for, this reveals they consider you their anchor and of course they love you for it. Awwwwwwwwww, so sweet!

1. If Your Dog is Stealing Your Clothing


It drives us nuts if our dog steals our clothing like socks, underwear, etc. But did you know this is a sign of love? They love our scents, so they want something that smells like us so sometimes they steal our clothing, so says the group Puppy Leaks.



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