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10 Things You Should Never Feed Your Dog


Food is a global sign of love, therefore it’s completely typical to occasionally share our food with our doggies. But at times, food is not loved and can harm your pet.

A lot of the kinds of food healthy for people are actually harmful or can kill a dog. Here are the top 10 foods you should never share with your dog.


10. Macadamia nuts


Do not feed! If a dog eats Macadamia nuts it can cause several medical problems or even could kill them. Don’t feed your dog these nuts and you won’t have to deal with them suffering from things like throwing up, paralysis, high heart rate, or fever.

Instead: You can feed your pooch some tasty beans or peas for a quick snack. There are also full of Vitamin K and C.


9.  Grapes, currants, and sultanas


Not all veggies and fruits are ok for our doggies to eat. Grapes, along with dried versions of them, are toxic and can poison your pet. They may induce throwing up, being sluggish and even cause their kidneys to fail.

Instead: Give your dogs some cooked pumpkin or sweet potatoes. They love the sweetness and these veggies are also full of beta carotene and help with their digestion.


8. Avocados


While it seems many people worldwide adore eating avocados on toast, sadly dogs can’t enjoy our enthusiasm. There’s a substance in them known as persin that’s toxic for dogs, as well as other types of animals.

Instead: Peanut butter is a creamy alternative that dogs love. Plus it is full of healthy things like protein, heart-healthy fats, and Vitamin B. You can enjoy it along you’re your pet.


7. Chewing gum


A lot of kinds of gum have an ingredient called xylitol. This artificial sweetener is poisonous to dogs (be careful, some brands of peanut butter have it in them). Signs your dog has been poisoned by it are throwing up, having a seizure, and being uncoordinated. Make sure your dog stays healthy and happy and don’t worry about puppy breath if you love your pet!

Instead: Parsley is a good way to freshen that puppy breath if you can’t stand it. Plus it’s easy for you to grow at home too.


6. Plums and Peaches


Stone fruit like plums and peaches have cyanide in them. Plus, dogs can choke on them and they can cause digestive issues. So make sure your dog doesn’t get into any of these fruits.

Instead: Feed your pup an apple. They have fiber, as well as Vitamin c and A. Plus they are good for their digestion and help clean their teeth. However, get rid of the seeds so they won’t choke. Hey, an apple a day could keep the vet away, right?

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5. Garlic and Onions


Garlic and onions are in a lot of people’s food, but it’s very dangerous to our dogs. These foods attack a dog’s red blood cells, which in turn can cause the dog to become anemic.

Instead: You can give your dog some porridge if you want them to get some fiber in their diet. Many dogs love it, but don’t add lots of sugar too it like you likely do when you eat it.


4. Ice cream


Just like some people, doggies can be lactose intolerant. If they are, they will get diarrhea and other digestive problems, so it’s better to avoid it.

Instead: Get some frozen berries for your dog. They provide both fiber and antioxidants. You can mix them up and make a doggie smoothie for your pet.


3. Cooked bones


A lot of folks think leftover bones from meat carcasses are good for dogs, but that’s not true. If the bones are cooked, they can crack and break off and puncture a dog’s digestive tract.

Instead: You can feed them raw bones as long as they are wider than the thickness of your 3 middle fingers.


2. Coffee


If your dog seems sluggish or doesn’t have much energy, do not feed them any coffee. Caffeine in coffee will cause your dog to be restless, have twitchy muscles, and could affect their breathing. In a worst-case situation it might even kill your pooch.

Instead: Try feeding your tied pooch a banana. It provides potassium and fiber and can give them some energy, plus these fruits are good for their hearts.


1. Alcohol

Dogs can’t process alcohol like people can, therefore, make sure they cant get into your wine, beer or spirits. Drinking alcohol is toxic to them, as well as the yeast in it too, and can kill your pet.

Instead: Try giving your doggies ice cubes are icy cold water so they can have a refreshing experience with no worries.

Now you are aware of all the treats that are delicious for people, but not good for dogs. Make sure your dog stays healthy and their insides are good to go! If you tried any of the suggested alternatives let us know if your dog loved them or not in the below comments.


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