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10 Tips to Keep Your Cat Safe This Thanksgiving


A Thanksgiving celebration means family, food, friends and fun. Especially lots of food. With this day of feasting and celebration, no matter if you celebrate in a big way or in a smaller way, you don’t want to have to take your cat to be treated for an emergency! So here are some easy tips to keep your pet safe during the Thanksgiving holiday so everyone can enjoy it.

10. Keep your cat’s stomach happy and safe

While everyone else can gorge themselves on the Thanksgiving feast, you shouldn’t give any to the cat. The majority of these festive foods is just way too rich and has a lot of fat. Just feed them their normal meals as these types of fatty foods will give them a tummy ache and they could even throw up or get gas and runny stools. Likely someone is going to try to give them a snack, so you better warn the guests in advance not to give the cat anything no matter how much they beg.


9. Stuffing is for people, not cats!

Cats should not eat stuffing because it has thing toxic to them, i.e. onions, spices, raisins and garlic. The smell of the stuffing cooking though is likely difficult for your cat to stay away from, so be careful while you are fixing and stuffing your turkey.


8. Keep an eye on your outside doors

It’s simple for your pet to dash outside if one of your guests opens the door. So, ensure he has a collar complete with an ID, as well as a microchip. If your cat likes to try to escape outside, lock him up in another room so they stay safe this holiday season.


7. Don’t feed cats any uncooked turkey

Don’t give your cat uncooked turkey or any poultry that is undercooked. They can get salmonella bacteria from it! Totally wash off all your cutting boards, as well as the preparation areas or any used utensils that could have touched the raw meat. Your cat could jump up and lick them, and thus get sick quite easily.


6. Potential dangers of food wraps

Cats will be attracted by food wrap like foil, waxed paper, plastic wrap or string that was used on holiday foods, as well as those plastic cooking bags used to roast the turkey. Any of these, especially the string, can cause a catastrophic chocking danger. Be sure these are not left out where your pet can get into them! And don’t even use foil balls as a toy, as they could chew on them as well.

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5. Do not leave out leftover food or turkey carcasses

Another potential deadly danger comes from cooked poultry bones. These splinter into pointy shards that could choke your pet and get stuck in their esophagus or throat. Plus they could block the cat’s intestinal tract or perforate it, which hcan cause a deadly infection. And gristle from the turkey can also cause your cat to choke.


4. Keep the trash away from your cat

Cover all trash containers or put them under the cabinet so the cat can’t get into it and eat things like gristle or bones. If you have a lot of people using the trash on Thanksgiving, make it a point to dump it several times during the day, and make sure the cat doesn’t get out the door when you do so.


3. Chocolate is poisonous for cats

Don’t let your cat eat chocolate! It’s deadly poison and can kill them. The component theobromine, which is similar to caffeine, is what is poisonous.  The worst type of chocolate is Baker’s, dark chocolate or semi-sweet. When the guests go home, be sure there is no chocolate laying around they could have dropped. Most cats don’t like sweets, but if they have ever had it, a few do like it, so beware.


2. Make a quiet sanctuary for the cats

Having tons of people around the house can stress and confuse some cats. If your cat is usually shy or they get stressed out easily, then make a nice place for him and put in a few toys, the litter box, food and some places to hide. You can play soft music in the background to help your cat remain calm. For diversion, you can try one of those puzzle feeders so the cat can stay occupied.


1. Stress managing for people and cats

Thanksgiving could cause some stress for both people and cats. Be sure not to forget to play with your pet, as you may tend to forget about them when you have a lot of visitors in the house. Plus, playing with your pet can also relieve your stress!

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