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10 Ways to Get Your Cat to Drink More Water


Is your cat having problems with drinking water – or not taking insufficient water? From turning the tap on to having ice cubes placed in food, the following methods will show you how to ensure that your cat takes in enough water.

The majority of cats don’t take insufficient water. Because cats are rather self-sufficient, we tend to think that they are mindful of their health, and most times they tend to. But, I have learned the significance of having your cat drink enough water – with a medical scare that involved a cat that was dehydrated. Therefore, does your cat not drink water at all or your cat doesn’t drink sufficient water? We have listed out the facts that are important about the intake of water by cats, getting your cat to take in more water, and other facts.

If a cat does not drink water at all, there could be serious health complications. Some years back, my cat which is called Pugsley was staying mostly in the litter box, trying very hard to pee. Nothing would come out. I got a feeling that this wasn’t a normal occurrence. When  I held it to pick it up close to its middle, it cried out in a way that shows that it is pain, I sensed that there was a problem with the cat. It was a night on a Friday at 10 p.m and I quickly took it straight down to the emergency vet. Thank God that I did that when I did it.

Pugsley’s urethra got blocked in by urinary stones – which is amongst the side effects that afflict cats without sufficient intake of water, or the cat not drinking water at all. The stones are similar to a soft ‘plug’ of materials that are compressible that is made up of minerals, mucus-looking protein as well as cell. Urine refuses to leave the body of the cat, so the kidney finds it unable to take out toxins out of the blood or keep electrolytes as well as fluids in check. This could cause death in a matter of 24 to 48 hours when it isn’t dealt with on time.

Luckily, Pugsley got its treatment on time, however, I was told by the vet that the best way to avoid him from blocking again and potentially going for surgery was to ensure that the cat stays hydrated. You better know that I began looking for solutions to get the cat to take in more water.

But a urethra which is blocked is not the only medical complication that is caused by the cat not taking in water. Similar to humans, the urinary wellness of the cat is related directly to its consumption of water, so issues such as crystals as well as infections of the urinary tracts are not probable in a cat that is properly hydrated.

The cat’s digestive is also improved whenever your cat increases its intake of water. It has become my priority to attempt everything I could so as to make my cat to take in more water.


10. Change the cat’s diet to mostly wet-food elements

Foods that are supplied in can typically have more water content. Based on what my vet told me, this is the simplest method of getting the cat to take in more water as well as to avoid the total dehydration of the cat.

If your cat refused to take in the food which contains water, add in broth or water to the typical dry food and stand back to see whether he will eat it. If the cat prefers canned food, you should add broth or water so as to increase its water content. Several cats like the soupy nature of the mixture.


9. Try inserting ice cubes into the cat’s food

It increases the water content and it is also similar to a cat’s treat. The cube absorbs the flavor of the food, and each time that the cat licks the cube, he gets more water. Inserting ice cubes into the water bowl of the cat just might work if the cat refuses to tale in water. Some cats like to take in water with the icy-cold quality, pretty much as some people do.

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8. Serve smaller meals more frequently

Eating creates the need for water to be consumed, therefore, a cat that is not drinking sufficient water may take in more water, as it eats more often.


7. Water bowls should be placed all over the house

You should simplify the process of getting the cat to drink some water by placing several water stations around the house. A cat which isn’t drinking water at all could be due to the fact that the cat is being denied proper access to water. My cat called Romeo likes to drink water out of my personal cups. Placing few drinking glasses at some specific locations in the house might lure the cat to consume water more often.


6. Be aware of the water bowl’s location

A cat that is not drinking water may dislike the location of its bowl. Remove the cat’s bowl of water away from the litter box. Would you drink a cup of water if it were placed beside your toilet?


5. Make sure the bowls are refilled regularly

Cats do love fresh water – and we can’t blame them for that. Ensure that the water is changed for a minimum of once on a daily basis and also wash the bowl out completely by regularly using water and soap to avoid it from becoming gross and slimy.


4. Try using the faucet

If the cat likes running water, take a full advantage of this opportunity to make it drink water more! A cat which does not take in water may need you to adapt drinking water to an entertaining game. You can attempt leaving the faucet running for some time severally during the day.  Add it into your daily morning as well as evening routine, for instance, and make some excellent bonding time…while drinking a long and cold cup of water!


3. Add some flavor to the water

A cat which is not taking water might take to drinking water that is flavoured! Your cats can be easily coerced to take in more water if the drink is flavoured a little bit by adding chicken broth or tuna juice.


2. Try using cat fountains

Majority of cats like drinking from fountains.  It could take them some time to get adapted to it, but as soon as they do, they will fall in love with it.  Fountains are appealing because the water which moves attracts the cat and its freshness is sustained. This comes in handy if you tend to forget changing the bowl of the cat on a daily basis.


1. Try using different bowl types for cats

Cats tend to be finicky with just about anything (big shocker!), also you can proceed and include drinking bowls on the list. Try out a few options (stainless steel, glass, plastic or ceramic) and you just might find out that the cat likes a particular choice.


The main issue to note about a cat that does not drink water

We all need to take in more water, and cats are no exceptions to this rule. Ensuring that your cat takes in more water has numerous benefits as well as it helps you to prevent the hazardous health issues that afflict a cat which is dehydrated.  More water=the cat pees more=the kitty is healthy=everybody is happier!


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