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11 Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know


You can be a contouring queen but unable to give your nails a smooth coat of paint to save your life. To become a jack of all trades — or rather a master of the makeup chair — we’re sharing 11 beauty tips everyone, no matter what their experience level, background, age or personal style, should know.


Beauty Tip #1:

It can be quite a commitment to apply a foot mask when it means you can’t walk around for the next 20 to 30 minutes. In order to walk around freely, apply a pair of regular socks over the masking booties.


Beauty Tip #2:

For easy winged eyeliner application, anchor the palm of your hand under your chin before drawing on the perfect cat-eye. It helps stabilize your hand and lines up to your upper lash line perfectly.


Beauty Tip #3:

If your mascara transfers onto your eyelids, use a clean, fluffy eyeshadow brush to buff it off.


Beauty Tip #4:

According to Williamson, the trick to a great smoky eye is all in the color. She recommends using brown, not black, eyeshadow to get the look. True black eyeshadow can look too harsh.


Beauty Tip #5:

To brush down flyaway hairs, use a clean makeup spoolie — the same type you use to apply your mascara or comb your eyebrows — and a little hairspray. This will comb the hair down and keep frizz away.

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Beauty Tip #6:

Apply eyeliner pencil to your upper waterline to give the illusion of thicker eyelashes in seconds.


Beauty Tip #7:

If you wake up with frizzy hair every morning, swap your pillowcase out for a silk one. The silk fabric won’t disrupt your strands.


Beauty Tip #8:

For Insta-ready eyebrows, comb brow gel through your eyebrows and then lightly press the hairs down with your fingertips to keep the hairs from popping back out of place, says Healy.


Beauty Tip #9:

If your skin needs an extra boost at night or in the morning, apply a face oil over your moisturizer to lock in hydration.


Beauty Tip #10:

Parsons recommends applying winged eyeliner with your eyes open, facing a mirror. This trick will help you get your wings symmetrical on both sides.


Beauty Tip #11:

Packing on the heavy eyeshadow? Use tape under your eyes to catch any fallout and keep the color off of your cheeks.


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