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11 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner’s Life Easier


Being the owner of a cat is not as simple as it appears. Several people resort to adopting cats because they feel it’s stressful to cater for dogs, but a lot of cats do need so much catering after all. Similar to any regular family member, you need to put in enough effort if you are hoping to keep your cats well.

Although cats normally do what they like, which makes them a bit different from dogs in terms of obedience, they can be subjected to training and thought how to avoid specific behaviors. It can be tasking to adopt a cat, but it should not be difficult if you’re aware of what you want. Whether you just want some friends with fur or you are interesting in knowing how you can cater for your cat, you would certainly find these 30 hacks helpful.


11. Keep your cat’s food bowl away from the water

One other way of encouraging a cat to drink adequate water is by ensuring that their food container is kept far from where their water is. Regarding wildlife, cats never eat up their prey close to water because it could pollute it.


10. Use baking soda or green tea for reducing litter box odors

Litter boxes are capable of making a room smell, especially when you have multiple cats. If your litter is not cutting it, try adding some baking soda in it or put some green tea leaves that are dried to assist in reducing the smell.


9. Purchase pet insurance

People wrongly assume that pet insurance is not necessary until the time comes. When you have a cat that gets sick often and you lack the appropriate insurance, the cost incurred is most likely going to be more than if you did the normal monthly payments for keeping them covered. Look around to find out which insurance and company will be most fitting for you. Several organizations are now offering pet insurance to their employee as part of benefits, so confirm with your company too.


8. Use duct tape to get rid of cat hair

Sometimes it’s not enough to groom, and your stuff will be covered with cat hair. To remove your cat’s hair, particularly from your furniture, have duct tape placed over it. The moment you take the duct tape off, the hair is going to come off automatically.


7. Place masking tape or aluminum foil on specific surfaces for keeping your cat away

If your cat is the stubborn type that loves sitting atop kitchen table or going into baby crib, you can make it stop such behaviors. Have the surface covered with aluminum foil, your cat will feel greatly disgusted whenever it climbs on top the foil, because they hate the sound. You can equally put duct tape, the sticky side should face upwards, which will stick to the cat’s feet when they walk on it; this will teach them to avoid such spots.

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6. Keep dry food in a plastic jug or cereal container

If you are feeding your cat dry foods, store it inside a plastic jug or cereal container that has a lid. It will be easier to empty out onto your cat food container and prevent the food from becoming stale by keeping them dry always.


5. Invest in a scratching post

To have your furniture protected from the claws of your cat, a hard scratching post is all you need. Cats scratch a lot so that their claws can be shorter, hence, scratching posts is ideal for redirecting them whenever they start scratching whatever they aren’t expected to.


4. Put food on a plate if your cat eats too fast

If you’ve got a cat that loves to scarf down food during meal time, it is not too good a sign. Eating too fast can make your cat throw it back up unnecessarily. You should put your cat’s food on a plate that is not deep, as that will make it eat for longer periods. This equally comes with the extra benefits of avoiding “whisker stress,” that happens whenever the whiskers of a cat is rubbed against the food container sides too often.


3. Try to alternate feeding times

This is especially important when you are doing morning feedings. If your cats are fed at a particular time each day, they’ll get used to it and want to keep it that way. If you are fond of feeding your cat when you wake up each day, many of the cats will want to wake you every morning so you can give them food as usual. So try feeding them at different times every day; hence, they won’t have to disturb you when you are not ready to feed them.


2. Use baking soda and vinegar for cleaning up accidents

Rather than use clean products which constitute harsh chemicals, stick with solutions that are homemade and natural for handling accidents. Have 1½warm water cups mixed with ½ of white vinegar, then douse that spot with the mixture, letting it soak for some minutes and killing the bacteria. The moment this spot dries, drizzle it with the baking soda and let it be for 30 – 60 minutes in order to soak up bad odors before you vacuum.


1. Grow your special catnip

Should you have a cat that loves catnip, then think of growing yours. About half of the cats have a thing with this mint family member, which functions like a sedative when it is taken and as a stimulator if it is smelled. Catnip-focused cats are fond of rolling around as well as getting hyperactive concerning plant, and when you have it inside your house your kitty will be extremely happy.

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