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11 Sounds Cats Make and What They Mean


The cats we have make several sounds that range from Meows to purrs to growls and hisses – but are the meaning of these sounds?

To know what these things mean we found that from our paw friend (Annie) who founded MeowKai to educate us with the experience she has had about the different sounds that cats make and what they mean. So without further delay, this what she has to say…

If you have a cat, I am sure you must have heard it meow several! But have you any idea that the several meows and yowls they make have various meanings?  It makes those sounds just to get your attention, but also tend to mean an internal condition that is said in words by the cat, but it does this through the different sounds it makes.

Or, the cat just wants you to know that it is happy with you. But that aside, it is vital to know all about the various sounds that cats make so that you can address its problems and do something about it. Ever wondered the yowls and meows mean?

These are 11 of the cat sounds that are the most recognizable – and their respective meaning!


11. Short Meows

Short meows are very typical of cats, it is the most popular and the basic meows from cats that just want to express a form of greeting like “Hi” or “Hello”! You should try petting it, because this means it is looking a little attention.


10. Multiple Meows

If your cat does the typical meow sound numerous times or several meows every minute, it means that the cat is very excited as well as happy. It is a much more comfortable form of the shorter meow, which means that the cat is saying that it is happy seeing you. Similar to the shorter meow, you should pet the cat!

9. Mid-Pitch Meows

For cats that make meows that are Mid-Pitch, it typically means that it wants something. It might time for it to play or it wants attention, or it may want to go and do its “business” outside. Then at times, it may imply that it wants to eat. If it is its mealtime and it meows in this manner, you should know it is hungry.


8. Long Meows

Just like what obtains in the meows that are Mid-Pitched, the cat needs something. But it is not begging, it is making a demand! Your cat may have an intense hunger, or simply, it wants your attention after being alone all day. Or it needs you to open the door for it to go outside and later come back in.


7. Low-Pitched Meows

Low-pitched meows generally mean the cat has a complaint to make and it is quite sad about it. It is time you gave it some attention or put some food on its empty plate, or it is going sad for a long period of time. He may also be angry because of what you did such as leaving it outside all alone.


6. Meows that are high-pitched

This type of meows are used to express pain. It may not be a complaint about its body or digestion, but may due to physical pain, like mistakenly stepping on its tail or kicking by accident. This yowl sound also let you know if it is badly hurt from a possible fight it had.

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5. Howls or Growls

The cat makes a growl when it is feeling something very negative. They typically make these growls when they are in a battle with a different cat or cats, look to defend their territory. A cat that growls is an angry one, so to prevent scratches and bites, it is advisable to stay away. If the cat starts howling, it is because it feels imminent or it immediately needs your help due to a sickness or injury. You should quickly visit a veterinarian when possible.


4. Hissing

The same way as growling, a cat that hisses means a cat that is very irritated or upset. Also, it can mean that the cat is afraid because cats typically make a hissing sound if they are surrounded by people that are unfamiliar or when they are in an environment that is new to them. It is a good idea to leave them alone first.


3. Chirping

This sound indicates that the cat is in need of something and can’t seem to get it. But it doesn’t want food. He might see a seemingly prey outside from the window but knows that it do anything to get it. It is a stuttered and short version of the meow which shows a mix of frustration and excitement.

2. Caterwaul

These are moaning sounds that are low that the female cats make during its heat period. It lets other cats know that it is in heat and it is available for mating. The cat would sometimes have a stare that is uncomfortable to go together with these low moaning cat sounds.


1. Purring

This is a happy sound that the cat makes to show that they are satisfied with you. It typically indicates that the cat is sleeping or happy, comfortable when it is sleeping on its lap or cuddles with its owner. Mother cats also does purr to their kittens to pacify them. Read for more information about the powers of healing of purring.

How you can help your cat to control its meowing.

In a situation whereby the cat is always meowing, then it is doing this due to various reasons! Therefore if you want this meowing to be controlled and ensure that the cat is healthy and that it doesn’t disturb any one else in the house, then follow these directives:

  • Ensure that the cat is in close proximity with its toys and it is in an environment that is comfortable, thereby giving it the opportunity to enjoy itself all alone, while you are attending to other tasks. Or it might decide to sleep or play in a place that is quiet.
  • Your cat should be given food or treats few times every day. It may be feeling hungry! Researches have indicated that it is a good idea to give the cat some food on multiple occasions per day rather than just a meal that is large. This serves to prevent hunger or indigestion.
  • Play with the cat for a few times. The cat deserves your attention like a lot of human beings. You should pet it or cuddle it several times, so as to make it feel like it is loved.
  • If the cat appears like it is not comfortable and having pain, it could be that it is suffering something other than meowing all the time. It should be taken to a veterinarian for some medical evaluation.


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