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12 Habits That Will Help You Be More Mindful at Home


We think that being mindful requires engaging in a special activity like meditation or yoga. Sure, those activities in our day are awesome and really important, but there are also lots of other simple things you can do to be mindful all day long.


1. Get a good night’s sleep.

Keep your smart phone and tablet out of your bedroom. The light from them messes up your sleep pattern. You need a good night’s rest for a great day tomorrow!


2. Eat fresh, whole foods.

Snacks like nuts, veggies or low-sugar fruit are much better for you than processed foods, and will curb hunger, giving you more energy and focus throughout the day.


3. Get outside! 

No matter what the weather’s like, learn to appreciate the now by enjoying the beauty of the outdoors, regardless of your scenery.


4. Tell someone how much you appreciate them.

Be specific — it may be the first time anyone has ever shared that compliment with them. What a gift!


5. Stretch and move often.

There’s plenty of research that shows that “sitting is the new smoking.” Get out of your chair regularly for at least five minutes every hour to optimize your health and well-being.


6. Practice “transformational listening.” 

Listening fully and without an agenda builds the relationships that make life sweet, as opposed to “transactional” or “transient” listening.

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7. Put your phone in airplane mode when you’re in meetings.

Freeing yourself from the distractions of your smartphone will remove a lot of the interruptions that can keep you from being fully present.


8. Listen to music. 

If you listen to music that moves you instead of mindless chatter from the flat screen, you will in turn make a conscious choice to listen to things that nourish you, rather than deplete your mind and heart.


9. Journal.

Write in your journal to capture your reflections on your purpose and how you’re continuing to show up for that. Over time, you’ll create a record of your life that will provide valuable perspective.


10. Stretch first thing in the morning. 

Doing some stretching and breathing right after you wake up in the morning, will energize you and center you for the day ahead.


11. Drink water all day.

Drink lots of water during the day, starting with a glass at breakfast. Your body dehydrates overnight, so refilling the tank early will help you be more present and energetic throughout the day.


12. Chew your food slowly. 

And enjoy the texture and the taste! You’ll be more satisfied with less food and more likely to notice other subtleties throughout the day.


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