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12 Mistakes Should Every Cat Owner Avoid


Even totally loving and attentive pet owners occasionally make errors which then lots of problems for everyone. The majority of the times, it occurs because the owners don’t know all the info they need. For instance, a lot of owners believe vitamins are good for their pets, but in reality, they can hurt the pets’ health.


12. Permitting cats to go outside

Obviously, fresh air is a healthy thing, except outside there’s a lot of dangerous things that can hurt your cats such as dangerous dogs, fleas and ticks, vehicles, or illnesses. Your pet can go outside if you live in a single-family dwelling that is surrounded by fencing, however, you must ensure you are giving them preventive medicine for ticks and fleas or other pests.


11. Identifying and treating a pet by yourself

When a pet owner notices indicators, they begin treating a pet immediately: they select some kind of medication from the vet, or they might give them medication for people, or do something else. But, if you aren’t a veterinarian and the proper tests are not done, you can’t be certain your diagnosis is right. Additionally, only experts can ensure the treatment is correct according to the type of animal, how much it weighs, etc. Likewise, yes, a few medications for people might as well be applied for animals, however only if the expert recommends giving them. Plus the dosage is very important.


10. Permitting cats to lie on a radiator

Cats love warm spots, so in the wintertime, they frequently sleep on a radiator or near other types of heating appliances. However, the prolonged contact of a cat with these hot items could cause their internal organs to overheat. The cat could be totally comfy as its body receptors do not work as a person does. However, numerous hours laying on the hot radiator might affect their health quite seriously. Should your pet not wish to get off the spot he loves, lay a cover or rug over the radiator’s top so it won’t be so hot.


9. Purchasing a general type of pet food

Dependent on your pet, it could require a different kind of food. That’s additionally true for old and young animals no matter if they are fixed or not, as well as different breeds (for instance, long-haired cats or no hair cats like the Sphynx).  Do not purchase a general kind of food. It is better to purchase specialized types of food that have the essential minerals, vitamins, and other essential ingredients, particularly made for your animal.


8. A swift change from dry to all-natural foods (or vice versa)

Any shift from one kind of food to another must always be done correctly and gradually. A rapid shift in the quantity can bring on stress which can cause them to throw up, get diarrhea, or other distasteful things. Transitioning from natural foods to regular pet foods or the other way around must  be very smooth (it ought to take five days at least). You should add some dry pet food to the all-natural food, and each day increase the quantity.


7. Utilizing the same cat litter box for numerous cats

Each pet ought to have their own food and water dishes, and, most crucially, their own cat litter box. It’s not merely due to how to clean kitties are and desire to be. Animals recognize another animal’s scent as a threat. Cats could easily reject the food or they might not use the cat litter box should they feel the existence of another animal.

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6. Not verifying the amount of water your pet has

When you are feeding your pets all-natural foods, they likely get sufficient water from that. However, if you are feeding them dry pet food alone, you must ensure the water dish is constantly full. If they get dehydrated, it can cause grave health problems or they could die.


5. Disregarding or failure to see your pet is obese

Some breeds of dogs are difficult to see as fit, for instance, a pug. Plus, some obese cats can look very cute. Nevertheless, being overweight causes an additional load onto your pet’s joints, as well as adverse effects on the cardiovascular system, as well as causing issues for the digestive system. Therefore, if you take a look at your cat or dog from overhead, they ought to have an apparent waistline. The move from their chest to their stomach ought to be noticeable, and having a bit of fat on their ribs is alright.


4. Not noticing the words you are saying

Pet owners frequently calm down their pets using words such as, “It’s ok” when they plan to give them a bath or when they go to the veterinarian. Pets remember those phrases quite well, and in time, these end up as a warning sign for your pets that, most probable, things are not going to be all right quite shortly. Disregard those type of words. If you plan to do something your pet hates, or that can stress them out, just act normally instead.


3. Being inconsistent

Dogs know the words never or always. So, if there are things you don’t want them to do, then never let them do them. For instance, if you do not desire to sleep you’re your pet then do not let him be on the bed in the daytime.


2. Selecting the incorrect vitamin supplements

Puppies, as well as grown dogs, require nutrients like calcium and other minerals. However, you must know that each breed has its own requirements. A surplus of vitamins, as well as the incorrect ones, could cause their bones to get fragile, and that would cause repeated fractures.


1. Leaving a dog in a closed vehicle

This is an extremely grave error a lot of pet owners do. A car’s temperature is constantly higher than on the outside. Plus, in the summertime, it will be like an oven. With no oxygen source, the dog could even suffocate.  In wintertime, there are also problems. If the car engine is not turned on, the car will be super cold and even if it is on, your dog could breathe in fumes and die.  And in some places, it is against the law to break the window on a vehicle if a dog is stuck inside.


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