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12 Signs Your Dog Is Bored


Have you ever stopped to wonder the way your dog feels? Sure, everyone has! Whereas some of their emotions are unclear, boredom is an emotion that dogs display. The following 12 indicators show that your dog feels bored and requires something useful to do. You should also note that most of these attitudes can be indicators of stress or/and separation anxiety. If you consult a dog behavior consultant or a qualified dog trainer, you could quickly know the cause of your dog’s poor behavior.


12. Chewing or Licking excessively


Few dogs, if they are bored, could indulge in over-grooming or chewing behaviors, in other to keep themselves busy. This attitude could indicate allergy; therefore, you should consult your vet. Several dogs could lick their owners several too.


11. Pacing on the floor


Do you have the dog walking along the floor and would not sit on a position? This probably means that it is looking to be kept busy. Some of them may even decide to run speedily across the house for no reason.


10. Imposing itself on you


Dogs know how to read body language better than humans. Do your pet dog forces himself on you and put their face right in front of you, looking at you? He may want your attention, or it is begging for something to keep it busy.


9. Strewing things all over the place


Besides chewing, the bored dog may get every one of your clothes pulled out of your laundry basket, get garbage strewn all over the place, or get your pillowcase off the bed.


8. Harassing various other dogs


If there are several dogs in your home, the bored dog could be the best way to relieve boredom is to attack some other dog. Whereas it could seem like fun to the attacking dog, the dog being attacked may not like this. It is better to keep the dog busy rather than letting them engage in a fight.

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7. Whining


Whereas whining among dogs is often due to stress, boredom can also result in whining in dogs. Particularly among young dogs, you could see them whining after using the bathroom, whining while sitting, or follow you all over the place while whining. See this as a clear indicator that they are looking for something to keep them busy.


6. Biting


Does your dog follow you all about the house, biting at your clothes, your ankles, or anything they can get to? Having this behavior indicates that he has no outlet to relieve all his energy, and biting something feels like a great thing to it.


5. Listlessness


Contrary to having too much energy and much to do, your dog could just become listless. It may only succumb to the boredom and give up to ever becoming active again. It could even become depressed.


4. Continuously barking at you for no reason.


Do you have a dog that incessantly barks at you? Guess what this is? The dog may be trying to tell you that it is bored and you have to play with it.


3. Chasing its tails


There could be several other reasons for the dog to engage in this type of behavior. Having pent-up energy is usually one of the reasons.


2. Digging


If your dog goes digging in the backyard, this probably means that it is bored! Digging is a behavior that can be self-rewarding. Furthermore, it is a great outlet to release energy. Or maybe, the dog thinks this is so. However, you probably think otherwise.


1. Destructive Behavior


Do you find your dog eating up the couch, your shoes, and so on? This is a sign that he could be bored. When the dog has excessive energy and can’t express this energy sufficiently, they begin chewing things.

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