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4 Signs Your Dog is Pregnant


If your dog isn’t fixed, it can really cause you some stress. Though you likely try hard to keep your dog from getting out if she is in heat, it only takes a couple of minutes for a dog to get pregnant if she manages to get loose. Or what if you do want your dog to have puppies and you are attempting to find a stud dog? Whatever the case, it is sometimes hard to know if she is pregnant if it’s early on in the pregnancy.


Decline/Surge in her Appetite

A quite common indicator of pregnancy, a reduced appetite is a very early sign, and one of the first to notice. A few females eat more to begin with and if they do eat less they are bound to make it up during the rest of their pregnancy. A few pregnant dogs though want to eat a lot more than usual. You can tell this because they will stay by their food bowel and whine for more after they finish eating.


Less Activity

This could be difficult to see if your dog isn’t usually very active. But if you see your dog isn’t so active as they usually are, it could indicate she is going to have puppies.  Less energy is very normal with pregnant dogs due to hormone changes.

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Nipple Changes

A top indication a dog is going to have pups is her nipples will grow. Normally a female dog’s nipples are not very big. But if she’s pregnant, they will get much larger. You will notice it when you rub her stomach.

The nipples will also change color. They will be pinker than usual and not as light in color. Look at her nipples next to her hind legs, as they are the ones that change color more often.


Behavior Changes

All canines’ behavior changes if they become pregnant. A few cling more to their owners and are more lovey. A few though want you to stay away from them. Whatever the case, it’s normal and will go back to usual behavior when the pregnancy is done.

If you see any of the above signals, you should take your dog to the veterinarian and find out if she is going to have puppies or if it is something else.


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