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4 Ways to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Furniture


Does your cat scratch indoors? Find out the way to teach them to use scratching posts in place of curtains, furniture or other things in the house.

Cats usually keep their claws retracted, particularly near their masters. Yet, if they don’t have a good place to scratch to keep their claws maintained, things in your house such as couches, rugs or wallpaper could end up being items they scratch.

Knowing their motives for scratching is the very first stage of keeping it from becoming an issue, and it also keeps your pet appropriately stimulated and delighted.

Why is it that cats must scratch?

Cats might scratch household objects for several reasons, so it is vital to understand the reason they scratch prior to doing something about their behavior. Top common causes for cats to scratch are:

So their claws stay healthy: 

Cat claws continuously grow and renew, so if they scratch if helps the outside coating of their claws to fall off thus showing their brand-new sharper claws. Sometimes you might discover these empty casings littering the area where the cat enjoys scratching.

To mark territory: 

When cats scratch it leaves both their scent and a visual message that other cats can read, thus the other cats understand your cat lives here. If your pet scratches beside your door or next to his cat doo, that’s likely why.

To get owner’s to pay attention to them: 

Cats might seem indifferent, although most of them like interacting with humans and they might scratch something so you’ll pay attention to them.

Scratching feels nice:

Scratching exercises a cat’s muscles in their shoulders and back. So, it’s easy to tell that they love scratching.

Ways to get cats to stop scratching your furniture

Scratching is a healthful and beneficial self-upkeep action for your cats. By supplying your cats with the appropriate scratching outlets you will make sure they stay healthy and the furniture will remain intact. Positive scratching habits can be encouraged in the following ways:


1. Offer an alternate scratching point

Since cats scratch so they can have sharp claws, the best resolution is to get them scratching posts as an alternate item to your furniture.

Put them near the places they like to scratch and encourage them to use it. You just gently take their paws and rub them in a scratching movement onto the post. A scratching post is made with scratching habits in mind so cats usually prefer them and will use them instead of your household items.


2. Give treats to promote using a brand-new scratching post

You tried being patient and gently encouraging the cat to try the brand-new scratching post. However, they have refused. Why not try giving them some delicious treats?

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Put some treats onto the post and if the cat finds them, then praise them for going to the post.  Then, block all the other places where the cat was scratching and with any luck the cat will start using the new scratching post and not go back to using the furniture.


3. Help the cat feel safer 

If the cat is doing the scratching beside your door, his cat door or a maybe he feels unsafe in the house. Make them less stressed out by the following:

Put in a microchip type of cat flap: 

Cat doors triggered by microchips won’t allow strange cats to come into your cat’s house.

Clean areas the cat has been scratching:

Getting rid of the scent may keep the cat from scratching in that spot again and again.

Make the house smaller:

Limit access several specific rooms. The cat then will get used to being in those areas such as your living room, kitchen or hall.

Establish high places for your cat to sit: 

That way, the cat can monitor their territory up high and they will feel more secure and realize there are no intruders in the home.

Help the cat put down their scent in the house: 

There are scent glands in a cat’s cheeks. That is why they rub their faces on things. So, rub the cat’s face with a towel to get their scent. After that, take the cloth and rub it all over the home, and that will help them be more secure in their home territory.

Do not yell at or penalize the cat if it scratches: 

That will cause the cat to get very stressed out and then they are even more likely to scratch things in the home.


4. Take the time for playing with and exercising the cat

Lots of cats adore their owners to pay attention to them, but may not know how to initiate play time. They may think they have to scratch to get attention and might try doing it on your furniture since they know that will get your attention fast.

If you spend lots of play time with them, and give them toys, it could lessen their scratching issues. Plus, praise them a lot and give them attention when they scratch on the post and it also could lessen them having bad behavior.

Mostly, don’t forget scratching come natural to cats and you shouldn’t try to stop them from doing it. Instead, with the right encouragement and praise, cats will discover better ways to accomplish that natural habit and use the scratching post.


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