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5 Bad Habits That Damaging Your Hair


You might not be going to bed with your makeup on anymore, and you haven’t squeezed a spot in weeks, but is your hair regime just as squeaky clean?
Here’s how to break some hair habits you may not even know are stressing your strands out to the max.

1. Treating wet hair badly

Why it’s bad: When hair is wet, it’s in a very fragile state, so if you vigorously towel dry, squeeze, or god forbid – brush it, you’ll not only encourage frizz by roughing up those cuticles, but you’ll potentially damage it as well.
Break the habit: Gently blot excess moisture from your hair with a towel, and detangle with a wide-tooth comb. If blow-drying, rough dry your hair 80 per cent dry before using any sort of brush to continue styling with.

2. Too much ‘dry’ cleaning

Why it’s bad: Your scalp needs to be free from product build-up, sweat, oils and dead skin cells so it can breathe and flourish.
Break the habit: Substitute only one real wash per week with dry shampoo and invest in a scalp scrub to use every few weeks to eliminate build-up.

3. Hot showers

Why it’s bad: Yes we all love a hot shower, but when it comes to your hair, hot water can fade colour and seriously dehydrate your strands as well as your scalp.
Break the habit: Instead, wash hair in lukewarm water, adding a blast of cold water for your final rinse to help seal the cuticles for extra shine and stimulate your scalp to encourage growth.

4. Heat styling damp hair

Why it’s bad: The extreme heat from a straightening iron or curling wand on hair with moisture in it literally has a boiling effect – that’s why you’ll often see steam. And the only way back from burnt hair is to have it cut off.
Break the habit: Always make sure hair is 100 per cent dry before heat styling because even heat protectant won’t protect it when it’s damp.

5. Never washing your hair brush

Why it’s bad: Brushes can quickly build up with dead skin cells, oil and styling product residue, not to mention hair. If it’s not removed, all of that gunk ends up being brushed back onto your clean hair and scalp. Yuck!
Break the habit: Remove excess hair and wash your brush once a week in a basin of warm water that has shampoo or anti-bacterial liquid soap added. Leave it to air dry, bristles down, or use the cool setting on your hairdryer to get rid of moisture.
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