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5 Best Magnetic Lashes That Actually Work


There are two types of magnetic lashes: Ones that you apply above and below your natural lashes and snap together, and ones that you attach via a magnetic eyeliner, explains Rochelle Magno, VaultBeauty member and owner of The Lash Gallery. “Either way, they’re much easier and faster to apply than traditional falsies,” she says. “There’s no waiting time for the adhesive to become tacky before applying the lashes, and they’re also less messy.” FYI, the application method does take a little bit of getting used to, but the end result is way worth it.

Here, the best magnetic lashes available.


Technically speaking most, if not all, magnetic lashes should be reusable at least a few times, so long as you’re removing and storing them properly. However, these guys take the cake, lasting for up to 30 wears. There’s also no shortage of options to pick from, but this particular one is one of the best-sellers, flattering on all eye shapes and offering the perfect amount of drama.


Those who love magnetic lashes and enjoy wearing them on the reg should consider this Amazon favorite, which comes with a whopping array of 10 different styles that run the gamut from subtle to statement-making. Each strip has five magnets spread out to evenly and smoothly attach to the waterproof magnetic liner, of which you get two tubes.


Fun fact: This was the first brand to introduce magnetic eyelashes. They have a whole host of options, ranging from natural to dramatic, but we’re especially partial to this natural accent lash. Just like adding a few traditional falsies to the outer corners of your eyes can make a big impact (in a subtle way), these do exactly the same, adding a beautiful lift and the slightest touch of curl, perfect when you want to amp up your eye look ever so slightly. They’re also incredibly lightweight.

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Makeup artists, beauty editors, and consumers alike love Ardell’s line-up of false lashes for being affordable, natural-looking, and easy-to-apply; this magnetic option from the brand checks all of those same boxes. There are eight mini magnets, strategically placed so that the lashes lay seamlessly flat along your lash line and blend in perfectly, but still offer a dramatic pop.


If you can master applying a liquid liner, you can apply these lashes. Happily, the thin brush on this one (which contains iron oxides, so that the magnets in the lashes stick to it) makes it easy to swipe on. For best results, build up your line to be as thick as the lash strip and use several coats, letting it dry completely. Then simply pop on the lashes, which are full and fluttery. The process can be done in five minutes, the lashes can be reused up to 15 times, and the price point is great.




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