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5 Common Cat Behavior Problems


The majority of people who own cats have to deal with a behavioral issue at least one time in their life loving cats. These type of problems could range from being minor to being severe. Sadly, they cause many cats to be turned into animal shelters. These issue may be hard to deal with, but you can actually fix the majority of cat behavioral issues if you allow time and have some patience.

We urge all cat owners to attempt to prevent such issues from the start, as it’s so much simply than attempting to fix them at a later time. Of course, no one is perfect, and no one can predict the future. The top behavioral issues are likely to occur to you eventually, so being ready for this is vital. That confirms you and your cats will keep living a joyous life with each other.


#1 – Scratching

Scratching the furniture, curtains or additional inappropriate things is an example of a main cause of a cat being declawed or surrendered to a shelter. We definitely do not wish to observe additional homeless animals, and we greatly recommend you not put your cat through the painful process of being declawed.

Cats have a need to scratch so they can file their nails as well as stretch their bodies out. A lot of cat parents do not understand that some types of scratching posts as well as scratching pads, many times are too tiny and their cats can’t extend their body all the way. You need to first ensure the ones you buy are the right size for your pet.

You can put some catnip on the scratching posts so the cat will be enticed to use them. Plus, you should trim their nails on a regular basis so it will be comfy for both your cat and save your furniture. Or try getting nail caps to put over the cats’ claws so they can’t damage things if you can’t get them to stop scratching inappropriately.


#2 – Litter Box Problems


Litter box problems are quite common and have several causes. Firstly, males who haven’t been neutered many times mark their territory around the house. You can fix this simply by getting them neutered, as well as a few other changes around the house.

A lot of cat parents also don’t put out enough litter boxes. You should have one for each cat, as well as an extra one. Then each cat can claim their own territory and have more privacy. Yet one other issue is some sort of medical occurrence. Should your pet start peeing or pooping outside their box all of a sudden, you need to get them to the veterinarian for a checkup. A cat can be very stoic, and you may not understand something is wrong since they can’t talk to us.

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#3 –Scratching and Biting


Scratching and biting are common amongst kittens or younger cats when they play, however, you should discourage it since it hurts the humans they play with. If you have a kitten who’s a bit friskier than usual, get them a cat toy so they won’t chew up your hands or feet. Allow some time for playing with your cats so they will not have so much stored up energy.


Cats may additionally scratch or bite for aggressive reasons, which are normally caused by being afraid. If they do this to people, particularly the people they live with, it could be a medical problem or an environment problem you have to try to decipher. The key is to figure out the reason the cat is aggressive and determine a solution after that.


#4 – Aggression Amongst Cats


Aggression amongst cats living in one household is a hard problem to deal with, however, you can do it. The majority of cats get aggressive with one another at the time they first meet each other. Bad introductions set the cats up to fail from the beginning, therefore, it is vital to introduce cats the right way. The majority of cats end up getting along well, however, it is fairly common for cat aggression to not be noticed at the start. Even some minor sort of pretentiousness between your cats may bet extremely stressful for whichever one is the weaker cat. Plus, the majority of aggression tends to get worse.


#5 – Extra Activity at Night


The majority of cat parents understand what it feels like to own a cat who is very active during the night or bright and early in the daytime.  Though this may seem cute at first, it gets annoying fast. A cat may wake you up merely by it being extra noisy. That may be playing with a loud toy. So, get them a few toys that are softer so they can’t cause noise.

Should the cat be doing it for more attention, you have to determine the reason. Be sure to play with them for a goodly portion of time during the day, as well as spend some quality time with them.

Make sure your casts are fed on a schedule and they’re not waking you because they are hungry. And if worse comes to worst, you could always make them sleep in a carrier or another place in the house.


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