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5 Common Causes of Stress You Need to Get Rid Of


There are many causes of stress, as we have seen, but by following some of the solutions suggested here, you should be better able to deal with stress when it arises. Alternatively.

Here are some of the most common causes of stress with solutions and strategies on how to overcome them.


1. Particular Situations That Cause Stress

Becoming stressed in some situations is sometimes unavoidable, and inevitably there are situations in which we can expect to be stressed from time to time, such as in the workplace or when you’re stuck in traffic and you need to get somewhere quickly.

Solution: Avoid Situations That Place You Under Stress

The way to avoid or minimise some of the stress you may be under is to stay away from situations that stress you out. For example, if you get stressed when you shop in the supermarket, try doing your grocery shopping online instead. If, however, a stressful situation is unavoidable — such as being in the workplace — then try to follow some of the other tips in this article, which will help to ease your stress.


2. Non-Work-Related Issues

Stress may be caused by a non-work-related issue such as a serious illness in the family, having to care for dependents, a bereavement, moving house, or debt problems. Often these issues are unavoidable and not something that you can readily deal with — but it’s worth trying to deal with them rather putting them off or trying to ignore them.

Solution: Take Time Off Or Change Your Working Practices

If such issues are causing you stress and an inability to do your job, then it may be best to take time off to deal with the issues. If there’s an ongoing problem, then you could try to approach your employer to ask for more flexible working arrangements — which may allow you to cope better with those issues.


3. Failure To Take Time Out And Relax

Being constantly on the go means that you will be in a heightened state of tension all the time and your body will never have the chance to get rid of your stress. Failing to take time out will also reduce your effectiveness in the long run.

Solution: Take Time Out And Recharge Your Batteries

Taking a break may mean that you can perform much better afterwards, and as such you will easily make up the time you have used for relaxing as well as feel more refreshed. Even just ‘taking five’ can recharge your batteries and give you greater clarity of thought. Relaxation will help your body return to its normal healthy state.

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4. Inability To Accept Things As They Are

Some people don’t have the ability to accept things as they are or realize that certain situations are out of their control. If you try to change something that you really can’t change, then you’ll just be creating unnecessary stress that you can do without. Plus, all that time spent stressing about it means you’ll be unable to concentrate on the other things that you could be doing — which may make you even more stressed.

Solution: Accept The Things You Can’t Change

Changing a difficult situation is not always possible, and if that’s the case then it is best to accept and come to terms with the fact that you can’t do anything. It may help to talk a situation over with somebody else, as they may be able to help you see it in a more positive light or from a different and less stressful perspective. Talking over things can help to prevent your perception of a situation from getting out of proportion.


5. Unhealthy Lifestyle

While some people might adopt an unhealthy lifestyle due to lack of time — for example by turning to fast food because they haven’t time to eat properly — others may have an unhealthy lifestyle because they are already stressed — for example by turning to smoking as coping mechanisms. Whatever the reason, an unhealthy lifestyle can reduce your ability to cope with stress, and in some circumstances it may actually increase your stress levels.

Solution: Make Small Changes Towards A Healthier Lifestyle

Having a healthy diet, doing regular exercise, and getting enough sleep means that your body will be able to cope with the stress that is thrown your way. Exercise in particular can be great for stress relief — especially if it involves taking your stress out on a ball or other inanimate object! Also, by knowing you’re leading a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be in a more positive frame of mind and will be better able to cope.


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