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5 Easy Steps To Bathe Your Dog


If can be a big hassle trying to give a dog a bath. Most people have either heard of or had horrible experiences of their pet running away from a bath or trying to hide under a table and stare at you as if to say, please don’t give me a bath.

But it’s important to keep dogs clean so they can be healthy! Here are five simple steps to make giving your dog a bath easier:


1. Be all set up so you’ll be more successful

Firstly, you can make giving your dog a bath much easier if you are all set up in advance. Here are 3 tips for prepping for giving a dog a bath:

  • Put some sort of mat or towel down, preferably some sort of non-slip type of surface, inside the tub or other place you plan to give your dog a bath. This assists in making the dog feel safer since it will help keep him from slipping. You should also trim their toenails, as this too helps them not slip so much.
  • Brush the dog’s fur first. That makes it simpler to later up with the shampoo and rinse the dog off afterward.
  • Put a filter in your drain so all that dog hair won’t clog things up so you’ll need a plumber afterward.


2. Get a second person to help


It’s best to get yourself a second person to help with the bath. Particularly if your pet has never had a bath or doesn’t like to get one. This helper can be petting your dog so he feels safer and that helps things go smoother. They can also offer your dog a treat to help distract him and also to make the experience of getting a bath a good one. If all goes well, your dog will soon love taking a bath and you may not need two people next time!


3. Plan to prevent getting any water into your dog’s ears or eyes


It’s important to keep soap and water out of the dog’s ears and eyes if you want their bath to go well. One idea is to stick cotton balls into the dog’s ears to block the water. It’s also not a good idea to pour the water right over the dog’s head! Using a washcloth for this is the best method to wash the dog’s head and face. If you feel you have to pour water on their head, then tip up their chin, and put a little water from the top of their head and toward their neck via a hose or one of those extendable faucet attachments.

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4. Rinse, lather up, rinse again


This step is the most basic part of giving your dog a bath. Get the dog wet all over with warm water prior to putting on the shampoo. It is better to do this starting with their neck and shoulders, then down to their feet. Then, take the shampoo and start with the neck to later them up. Make sure all the shampoo gets rinsed off afterward. It can be very irritating if there is any of it left on their body, especially their undercoat layer. You can use a cup or shower attachment to help you get it all off.


5. Use a towel to dry them off


Make sure you get your dog totally dry after their bath so they won’t be uncomfortable or get chilled and end up sick. This is particularly true in wintertime. A towel works best to do this. If your dog is not afraid of them, you can also use a blow dryer. However, if they are scared of blow dryers don’t use one or they will just end up hating getting a bath.

All dogs are different. Just like other aspects of caring for your pooch, it’s vital to know what it is your dog likes and dislikes so he can be comfortable. Then he will remain happy and clean!


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