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5 Easy Ways To Get Clear Skin Overnight


How did I learn to manage my skin, one might ask? For a short time following college I worked at a dermatologist’s office, and it was one of the greatest things I could have ever done for my skin (and now, yours!). I’d weasel my way into daily conversations with doctors to hoard away tips for mastering skincare. As I’ve mentioned, I definitely can’t say my skin doesn’t have flair ups here and there, but I can say I know how to manage them.

Here are 5 tricks to help clear up your skin overnight, and to help keep your skin looking as young and vibrant as possible.


1. Steam Your Skin

To open and clear out your pores, you might be in need of a steaming sesh. Boil a pot of water and, once it’s done, remove from the stove and place your face over it, allowing the steam to hit your skin. It will feel instantly refreshing. The steam will open those clogged pores right up… goodbye guck!

2. Try Toothpaste

Similarly to the Aloe Vera method, using toothpaste as a spot treatment can work wonders. I personally use this method all the time, and I promise — while it definitely stings a little when first applied — it works in drying up the blemish. Use a non-gel toothpaste, and apply to the spot before going to sleep. Keep it on overnight, and wash it off when you wake up before washing your face. While the blemish might not disappear completely, you should notice its appearance has shrunk, and you’ll notice less redness.

3. Use Oatmeal To Make A Face Mask

Your face will feel incredible after using a refreshing, non-pore clogging face mask. There are many types of store-bought masks you might consider trying, but there are also some super simple ones you can make at home that yield great results. For instance, according to LIVESTRONG, oatmeal face masks are simple and effective, and can be made by preparing plain oatmeal and letting it cool to room temperature. Once it’s cooled, apply to your face and let it dry for about 15 minutes. Then, rinse it with warm water. Another option? If you have baking soda readily available, mix it with water until it creates a paste, and cover your entire face with it. Once it dries, rinse it off with warm water.

4. Gently Exfoliate Your Skin

If you’re realizing you haven’t exfoliated your skin in a while (or maybe, a really, really long while), now is the time, girlfriend! According to dermatologist Dr. Hadley King, we should be exfoliating our skin about once or twice per week, depending on skin type and weather. In the warmer months, Dr. King says go ahead and exfoliate more, and in the winter months — when skin tends to be more dry — do so less often. The purpose of exfoliating is to scrub away that top layer of dead skin to expose the new, fresh skin underneath. To successfully exfoliate, try an exfoliating face scrub and work it across your skin lightly with a washcloth, or use an exfoliating face brush or sponge.

5. Always Wash Your Face Before Bedtime

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had a friend or family member tell me they don’t regularly wash their face before they go to sleep. They’re often the same people wondering why their skin is prone to breakouts. Admittedly, I’ve done this as well too on occasion, especially after a night out drinking (which is also usually when I’m wearing the most makeup, too — my poor pores!).

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Washing your face before you go to sleep helps to unclog pores and dissolve this residue that has built up. It also helps remove excess oils. Not only is washing your face before bed beneficial for fighting acne, according to Marco Medrano, Beauty & Grooming Editor at, it can also keep your skin looking younger. Major bonus, if I do say so myself. If you’re someone who tends to jump into bed and is too lazy to get back up and wash your face, consider keeping face wipes on your nightstand.


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