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5 Fun Brain Games to Play With Your Dog


Are you trying to find a few simple methods of keeping your dog amused while you increase your bond with him? Here are some fun and simple brain games to try with your dog!

Why use brain games to entertain dogs?

Playing a brain game with your dog may assist in alleviating boredom and avoid destructive behaviors like barking too much or chewing up things. These games could additionally provide your pup with aa sense of achievement and purpose, as well as help you get an extremely close bond with your pet.

These games are all simple to play. Plus they’ll help your dog’s mind stay active and engaged. Have some fun playing the following 5 brain games with your dog. Your pal will surely thank you for it.


1. What Hand Game

This is a very simple brain game for your dog, and bonus, you don’t even have to get up from your chair.

Take a doggie treat or a toy your dog loves and conceal it in your hand. Let the dog sniff your hands and then ask him what hand the item is in. The hand the dog puts his nose on first is his guess.

If he picks the right hand, open it up, and give him the item. Soon your dog will understand this game and will easily play it.


2. Treasure Hunt

This is a brain game your dog and you could play in an as big or small area as you want. When you first introduce it to your dog, just use one room, and as he gets better at the game you can hide things all over the house.

Hide some treats in the room, then let your dog go around smelling things and trying to find them. Or, depending on what the dog likes, you could use some of his dog toys or even some of the clothing items that smell like you.

When he finds the item, tell him to “hunt” for more and be sure to tell him to “hunt” every time he is successful.

To make it harder, you can, later on, hide things in several rooms at a time and then tell your dog to go hunt for them.

Hint: If you decide to play the game outdoors, be sure to set things up immediately before you play it, as otherwise, you could lose the treats to some other animal in the area. Believe it or not, birds love dog food, for instance.

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3. Clean up the Toys

It’s great when a doggie brain game also helps out the owner. If you want your dog to play this particular game, he has to understand the name of his doggie toys, as well as know-how to fetch.

When you have several toys spread out all over a room, it’s time to train your dog to go fetch them. Get a box or basket and tell your dog to fetch one of the toys, then take it from them and put it into the box or basket.

When he has the game down pat, you’ll be able to name any of the items and he should be able to go get them and put them into the basket or box. You can even use this game later on if you want your dog to bring other things to you like his leash or maybe your slippers.


4. Hot or Cold

Hide some treats or a toy in the area. First, put this item where the dog can plainly see it until he learns the game rules.

Every time he starts heading to the right place, tell him “hot” and give him a treat. If the dog goes in the opposite area of where it’s hidden, say “cold” and don’t give him a treat.

Soon the dog will understand that “hot” means he is close to the hidden item, then you can pick more difficult hiding areas like underneath a box or behind a piece of furniture. You can also use this same commands if you play the previous treasure hunt game.


5. The Cup or Shell Game

This game is likely one you’ve seen before. You just need 3 cups that are exactly alike. Then line the cups up and put a treat underneath one of them. Let the dog watch you do this so they’ll know there’s a treat if they get it right.

Rearrange the cups. You can do this slowly or quickly depending on how hard you want it to be.

Then,  allow the dog to pick a cup using his paw or nose. Then you lift it up and if the treat is under it, the dog wins the treat. If not, then rearrange them and do it again. To begin with, you can put a treat under all the cups, then use only two and finally just one. If you want to make the game harder, the dog has to knock over a cup to find the reward.


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