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5 Habits to Become an Optimistic Person


There are some days that are tougher than others. Some say optimist are realist– perhaps they see things differently. You may be curious as to what makes an optimist so happy. Perhaps you would like to learn some knowledge on the habits of an optimist– lucky for you, here are 5 habits of an optimistic person, take a look:


1. Less Complaining More Taking Action To Fix Things

There is an Indian proverb that stated, “I had no shoes and complained until I met a man who had no feet.” This alone proves that instead of complaining you should look into fixing things. Some things you cannot fix but try and look at it from a different perspective. Perhaps there are three things in your life that you wish you could change– maybe it is your job, relationship, or living situation, now ask yourself what is top priority, what can you change first? It is like making a pros and cons list– optimistic people don’t ignore their challenges they face them head on. They make lists of the things they can fix and improve from there. Instead of complaining about the things you have and don’t have– find a way to not only appreciate what you have but then to change the things you know you can. Highly optimistic people do not waste their time or energy in habitual complaining. Instead, an optimistic person will find a way to make the best of every situation that they are confronted with.


2. Have Faith In Themselves

An optimistic person makes a habit of believing in themselves even when it seems as if no one else does. That is another reason to believe they are so unique and quite wonderful humans. They have the ability to have faith in the most unlikely situations. Optimists are by any means not free of doubts and fears but they make it their goal to not allow these fears to define who they are and their life. An optimist at a visceral level recognizes that they must trust their own judgments and bolster their self-belief– which is a way more attaining way to live their lives. The power of believing it yourself goes deep than just telling yourself “everything will be okay.” Optimistic people tend to meditate, they have rituals, practices, and habits that increase self-belief instead of diminishing it. An optimistic person does not need the acceptance of others, they do not need others to believe in them when they know they are capable of having faith in themselves.


3. Learning To Appreciate What They Have

You must learn to appreciate what you have because time can often force you to appreciate what you had. This stands true for a lot of optimists, it does not matter how successful you are or how rich you are– as all that can be taken away in a split second. You can be successful and rich but none of it will lead you to a fulfilling life if you do not learn to enjoy what you already have. And it is so unfortunate that society extols more material possession as a clear indicator of a so-called fulfilled life. Shall we call this hedonistic treadmill just something that has allowed so many people to sacrifice themselves, relationships, and the overall happiness of the current moment for something that is often just a fleeting moment? They don’t care about what they have, they only care about what they have in that moment and don’t realize the consequences that all of it could be taken from them today, tomorrow, next week. But an optimist rarely ever, if not at all, connects what they have with who they are and they often choose to think very highly of themselves.

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4. Focus On Positivity And Ignore Those That Are Negative

Optimistic people live for a viewpoint of optimism and positivity– they don’t allow anything and anyone negative enter their life. They are known to be unabashedly enthusiastic and hopeful. They genuinely live in a bubble of positivity and warmth, they focus their thoughts, feelings, and actions on everything positive. An optimistic person has come to terms that negativity and pessimism seldom get anything meaningful accomplished. Putting aside any doubts, negativity, you are able to focus on the brighter side. And let’s be honest here, negativity just puts you down when you usually need the most support– allowing your mind to focus on what is positive and ignoring anything negative will truly help your overall self-esteem. Most people assume that optimists have zero negative thoughts but that isn’t true at all– we all have our doubts. The basic difference is that an optimist will make it their mission, a habit to not actively pursue those negative thoughts let alone feed into them.


5. Open-Minded

Optimistic people are very open-minded– they know that they cannot control what happens in their daily lives but to be able to experience things, face challenges, embrace their flaws, and learn something new means so much more to them than anything else. Being open minded is a challenge within itself– because as mentioned before, it is so easy to hold grudges and to remain in an angry state of mind. But to free your mind of anything negative, to take a step back and look at things in a more positive perspective it allows you to come to terms with what you never really knew before. What makes an optimistic person so unique is their ability to be open minded. It isn’t easy but it is worth it. They embrace the unknown– if something pops up that they are unsure about they tend to jump headfirst no matter what the outcome may be. Plus, the best things don’t come from comfort zones– you have to step outside the box, open your mind– because life and people often surprise you in ways you never really imagined.


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