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5 Human Behaviors Cats Hate


Every cat is different. We take joy in sharing our homes with them. They all have different personalities, and they all come in different shapes and sizes. Which has to let them and bring them into our homes because of their wonderfully unique personalities. I do think cats enjoy being members of our family, but they’re probably all in agreement that there are things that humans do that they wish we would just stop doing to them.


5. Treating cats like small dogs.

When pet owners assume the cats need to be treated the same way as small dogs they get very upset. Honestly, the way you treat your small dog and the way you should treat your cat needs to be drastically different. When you work to train your cat through behavior modification or enrichment make sure you do lots of research on what cats find as great reinforcement. A lot of ways we train small dogs to scare and intimidate cats.


4. Sudden changes.

Cats hate changes. Especially changes in their environment. I think cats would probably be a lot happier if they’re humans took the time to acclimate them to their environment. Even better if they took the time when they were young kittens to adjust and to change it.  Being put into a carrier to a carrier can be scary, so it’s best to practice at taking them on rides. Also visits to the veterinarian can be very stressful . The cat’s may not be handled in the way they are handled at home. It’s helpful to desensitize your cat’s to be situations. Remember to think of your cat’s point of view so you can understand being emotional and physical drains being placed on your cat and implement catered routines to help ease their stress.


3. Holding on too tight.

Did you know most cats and dogs don’t enjoy being Hugged? Just because humans like to cuddle doesn’t mean our furry friends do. Cats really don’t enjoy being hugged and when they try to get away often humans try to hurt hug them harder. Your cat might not enjoy tummy rubs Palma even if she rolls over on her tummy as if she is asking for a belly rub.  Exposing the stomach makes a cat feel vulnerable and this may we need your cat to be aggressive even nipping at you or scratching you. But remember every cat is unique so get to know your cat these are behaviors they really enjoyed or if you’re causing additional stress to them.

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2. Forcing social interactions.

Cats are very independent animals. One of their names is allowing your cat to be able to hide if she feels any stress. Also giving your cat spaces to move vertically he also helped them find Comfort when they’re hiding. When a cat doesn’t have options that can react in negative ways in your house. Loud noises or strangers in the house might cause your cat to hide. Sometimes humans think that the cats hiding Behavior is best treated if they make their Cat come out of hiding and deal with the situation. This is simply not how cats work and this can be a real trigger for their anxiety. Pets enjoy climbing to provide them with cat trees shells and window boxes to help make your cat more comfortable with changes such as strangers or other animals in your house.


1. Treating cats like small humans.

Many times cats don’t enjoy being dressed up in costumes, even though pets are different and some may enjoy it.  Many cats don’t enjoy being dressed up over and over again, and they don’t understand why they need human clothes when they have for their own. Be sure that you look at the body language and response of your cat before you attempt to treat them like tiny humans. There are many CDs about cat body language That ca can help you understand how your cat is communicating with you.

In conclusion, you left your furry friend and want them to have a great life. It’s best to try to work with anxiety producers in your home and watch your cat closely to make sure they’re happy. Because when they’re happy we are happy too.


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