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5 Litter Box Mistakes Cat Owners Make


When choosing the correct litter box for a cat, several variables exist which may bring problems with your pet’s bathroom needs. If the cat has problems getting used to the type of litter box you pick, or they won’t even go into it to use it, then you have to reconsider the situation. Here are 5 of the usual errors cat owners have been known to make regarding their cats’ litter box.


1. Not providing the correct litter.

For sure, there really is correct and incorrect types of cat litter, as cats can prefer a specific type of litter that seems right to them. People may like the type of litter that’s scented so the pee smell is masked, but a lot of cats hate scented litter and it makes them nauseous. If the cat refused to use their litter box, then try unscented litter instead. Litter is available in lots of different textures liked gravel, sand, paper shavings, and little pebbles. Experiment to see which one your cat likes best. This could take a little time, and a bit of trial and error, but you will be happier once you figure it out.


2. Selecting the incorrect litter box.

Should your cat refuse to go into their litter box, it could be that it’s too small for them. For instance, if they bump their head on the top of the lid, or the walls of the box are very narrow, have poor ventilation, or there’s too much litter in the box (or too little) the cat may not like to go to the bathroom in the box. A few cats hate the kind of litter box with a lid, so you could try taking the lid off to see if they use it. If you are confused, talk to the pet store people and ask which box is best for your pet’s size and breed. That way you will be able to pick the right litter box so your cat can go to the bathroom best.

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3. Litter vicinity issues.

A few people who own cats put everything (i.e. toys, food, dishes, beds, and the litter boxes) in the same area of the house. This probably seems convenient to humans, but your cat won’t like this at all. Would you want to go to the bathroom in the same place you eat your meals? You need to think of a better way to arrange all of your cat’s things.


4. Not putting in the fresh litter when needed.

This is something you shouldn’t even have to say twice. Like people, your cat won’t want to go to the bathroom in a dirty area. If you don’t clean the litter box often, sift out all the poop and pee, and put in some fresh litter then your pet may not want to use the litter box.  Even though cats are primitive and will use whatever area they have available if that’s all there is, you could end up finding poop and pee accidents around the house if you don’t scoop their litter boxes often and add fresh litter.  If you want to have it easy, buy a type of litter box that is self-cleaning and automatic. There are several of these litter boxes to choose from.


5. Cleaning cat litter boxes if you are pregnant.

Did you know that if you are pregnant it could be dangerous for you to clean a cat litter box? You should not be scooping poop in a cat litter box if you are pregnant. There is a deadly bacteria in cat poop called toxoplasmosis, which could trigger birth defects or even death for an unborn child. Let your hubby or some other person clean the cat box while you are pregnant.


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