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5 Reasons Why Cats Make Us Better People


It’s said you will know a person by who they hang around with. Good news if you own a cat because research has discovered that if you own cats you are amongst the healthiest, and the happiest and the brainiest of everyone worldwide. This research has proven many times that if you have a cat, you are getting some vital benefits to your happiness and your health. Here are five explanations for why your cat will make you a better person:


#5. Cats boost a person’s connection to society

Did you ever see that if you speak about your cats to strangers then they are likely to talk to you, smile or say hi? Or maybe you shared a funny video of some kittens and other people chimed in and shared some funny stories on their pets’ funny actions? That kind of short interaction helps us become closer to the people in our own communities, say many doctors. Plus these kinds of interactions help us to be happier as it helps to connect us to our fellow humans.

Cats are wonderful ways to start a conversation or act as an icebreaker, therefore, it’s not a bit surprising people who own pets have started things like dating sites for pet owners or other types of social activities geared to people with pets. People think those who own pets are more open and more sociable. If you own cats or other pets it helps you have a bigger social network, and you end up being less lonely and more diverse.


#4: Cats are great for a person’s mental health

Many researches have proven that if you own a cat, you have a higher IQ even than someone who owns a dog.  A few of the researches say it’s due to some folks worker longer and the fact that cats need less maintenance, i.e. they have litter boxes and don’t need someone to let them out to go to the bathroom like dogs do.  Plus, cats are usually more relaxed than dogs and that helps promote more brain activity as well as better mental condition.

And certainly, when you pet a cat, it makes you happy. If you do this for several minutes or even if you take a brush and brush your cat, it causes the brain to produce oxytocin as well as serotonin, which are two chemicals that induce calm in humans, and it makes folks feel peaceful and relaxed.

It is very relaxing for our feline friends to be petted by their humans, but did you know we humans also get big mental benefits as well! So go over there and pet your furry friend.


#3: Cats help a Person Learn to be Patient

Cats are pretty stubborn at times so it’s likely cat owners tend to get a bit stressed at times. It’s a little like being a parent. You have to pick your fights! Plus it makes owners learn patience because they have to figure out how to solve problems like peeing inappropriately, meowing

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Cats are the best Zen masters.  While people chase after the quickest way to solve a problem, cats will focus on an issue for hours at a time. That shows us that we should take the time to smell the roses, so to speak. So pet that tiny Zen master and let them make you calmer and more relaxed. They could surprise you for sure!


#2: Cats are great for a person’s physical well-being

If you want your blood pressure to go down, then go sit with a cat that’s purring. As said earlier, it’s very relaxing and calming to pet your cat, and purring also makes both you and your cat happier. Purring vibrations have been shown to help get your blood pressure down as well.

This fact has been confirmed by the American Heart Association. Owning a pet has been linked to less chances of developing heart disease, which includes a lowering of the blood pressure, as well as lessening your cholesterol, and you have fewer chances of being overweight. One of the researches showed people who own a cat are forty percent less likely to suffer a heart attack than someone without a cat. Except maybe for the fact a pet helps you exercise more, no one is really sure why cats make our health better, yet it is true that they do. So, in a way your cat is a free sort of medication to help you keep healthy!


#1: Cats will teach a person to have more empathy

Cats have a bad reputation for being self-centered or egotistical. But in truth, they are extremely loyal and empathetic. They seem to know if someone needs to be comforted.  If you are stressed out, sick, or depressed, or even just tired, it’s quite possible your feline buddy will jump in your lap and snuggle down with you. He knows you need to be comforted and wants to help.

Some studies show children with both cats as well as dogs many times end up as adults who are more loving, more giving, and who nurture others.  That’s likely due to learning young that every living being needs to have comfort and all living things can feel pain. Even those who don’t have a pet until they are adults are more empathetic because they own a pet.

Doctors say that taking care of a pet lets a person know that all living things human or animal have the same needs and those needs could be greater than your own and it teaches people how to be in someone else’s shoes. Therefore, they grow up to be a caring and loving person.


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