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5 Reasons Why Your Cat Feels Unloved


Your cat is a member of your household and you should love them that way. Unfortunately, you could be giving out the impressions which tend to say something opposite. In the event that cats do not understand the three words of love when we say it, they often use our actions in interpreting if we love them or not. The following are 6 typical things done by people which can make their pet cats feel as if they are not loved.


 5. Not cleaning out its litter box as often.

Can you stay in for a week without having to flush the toilet in your house? Possibly not, therefore what is the reason for you postponing cleaning the cat’s litter box right till the weekend? Making the cat ease itself in the litter box that is dirty and then becoming angry when they decide to ease themselves in a place that is cleaner (such as the carpet) is like giving them the impression that you have no concern for them and whether or not they should stay in an environment that is clean. Ensure that you clean out the litter box on a daily basis to prove your love for your cat. An advantage of this daily cleaning is that the litter box tends not to be as gross if it is done daily.


4. Shouting at, teasing, hurting or punishing the cat

It is quite obvious that when you hurt your cat or rub in their faces in their own feces as a means of punishing them is sure to make them fear than to love you. But getting them teased and yelling at other people that in the house could also upset the cat. Cats constantly have a need for safety and security. Expecting you to shout next or harass it, the cat will automatically become a stressed-out clutter of a creature.


3. Not providing mental stimulation

If you don’t ever play with the cat and you tend to lock it out of your room all day, you are sending some signal to the cat that they are not worth your time. Of course, cats like sleeping, however, this does not mean that like being bored for the rest of the day. They ought to have a comfortable perch beside the window and interactive play toys at least. Putting on some classical music or having the TV turned on as you are out of the house can be important too, however, the most important thing to do is to spend time playing with the cat most days.

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2. Ignoring their pain

The cats are not able to let you know if they feel pain and they might as well try to hide the pain. It is typically your responsibility to find subtle changes found in the behavior of the cat which could show signs of some health problem and you can instantly take them to see a vet doctor. If the cat constantly shows signs of a health issue like avoiding food, having to scratch their ears all the time, or not using the litterbox, however you neglect them, you could be letting the cat know its health is not important to you.


1. Ignoring the cat

Do you allow the nails of the cat to grow out so long to the point where it sticks the carpet? Do you hold off the washing of their dishes until they are slimy and crusty before you tend to wash them? Do you allow the fur of the cat to be matted? Do you get them fed and have the cat’s litter box cleaned out and refuse to show them some attention or affection? These little things tend to let the cat think that you do not like them.

We all are busy, however, your cat deserves some extra time on a daily basis by doing the little favors which show the cats the extents of your love for them.


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