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5 Reasons Why Your Cat Licks You


Are you ever shocked by your kitty’s sudden affection? Does she come up to you and lick your toes when your sitting on the couch? Or soft kisses in the morning while you are still asleep?

So the sandpaper feel of the cat’s tongue is very unique. They have rough papillae on their tongues to help eat meat more effectively.

But the real question is: Why does your cat lick you?


#1 – The cat is cleaning you

Sometimes cats help to groom each other. Another cat can reach other places that the cat can’t reach by themselves. Cats will lick each other’s heads and inside their ears. So sometimes when your furbaby licks you they are just helping to keep you clean.


#2 – You taste like food or something else tasty

Maybe you smell like food or something else that might be tasty. So maybe she just wants a taste. Especially, if you have the taste of meat or some other food your cat loves. It could just be the salty taste of your skin alone. So maybe your cat just enjoys your taste.


#3 – They want to show you affection

Cats show affection with one another with grooming. So, if your cat is grooming you (licking you). Your furbaby is part of the family so they are showing affection to you, just like their momma did when they were kittens!

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#4 – They’re marking you as part of their territory

Most animals have some type of way to mark their territory. So with cats licking you or rubbing their heads against you are part of marking you as theirs. If other animals seem to not want to come around it may be because they smell your cat’s pheromones.


#5 – They have anxiety

Sometimes when our fur babies are anxious they lick themselves and others around them. They do this as a way to calm themselves down if they are stressed out for some reason. If your cat’s anxious licking seems to be excessive it may be helpful to speak with your veterinarian.


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