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5 Reasons why your cat will not use the litterbox


Issues with litter boxes are some of the most frequent and annoying problems that cat owners usually have. You could quickly think that your cat is not using the litter box to spite you – which could be true in some ways. Primary reasons while your cat will not have to make use of their litter boxes could be from medical issues in addition to an infection of the urinary tract as well as kidney stones.

Additionally, behavioral problems like anxiety and stress could also be to blame. While at other times, the leading cause of this problem could be the box. This happens if the box is not clean or the cat does not like the box. The following five primary causes of troubles with the litter box is meant to guide you through the process of solving the problem with your cat’s litter box.


1). This problem could be due to the health of the cat

The moment that your cat avoids making use of its litter box, you should first check in with your veterinarian. If the cat feels discomfort in defecating or urinating, they could look at the litter box as causing the pain and may start avoiding it.  It could also be that your cat could not get to its litter box on time because of discomfort.

Some frequent reasons for defecating right outside its litter box could include infections of the urinary tract, cystitis (a bladder that has become inflamed), cat diseases of the lower part of the urinary tract, a blockage or kidney stones. Constipation and diarrhea could also cause accidents right out of the litter box. Any change in the behavior of the cat, plus a change in the habit of the cat, should get reported immediately. A report should be made to the veterinarian because some of these issues could threaten the life of the cat.


2). You kept the litter box at a place that is not desirable

In terms of the site where you place the litter box of your cat, you should make sure that you put it at a location where the cat will be happy to use it all the time.

  • Please do not put it in areas where people pass all the time. Most cats prefer a private place when making use of their private litter box.
  • Please do not put it close to laundry rooms, which have noisy dryers and washers.
  • Do not ever put this litter box inside a garage – an open garage door, as well as the arrival of any cat, could make the cat become scared and may force them to run away.
  • If your cat is elderly, you should have the litter box placed at the proper level within your house. It would help if you did not set the box at higher levels or the lower levels within your home, like in your basements or your attics. Older cats could suffer from joint issues as well as arthritis, which can make them hurt as they climb the stairs of your building.
  • It would be best if you put the box in a location that is very convenient for the cat so that they can easily access the litter box so that you can clean up the litter box regularly.
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3). The cats in your house are stressed out

Most cats become sensitive if you try to change anything involving their routine, while the slightest change in their routine can majorly affect their behavior on a big scale. Relocating, a visitor/new member of the family or friction with other domestic pets within the house may also cause the cat to avoid, spray, or mark the litter box.

If your cats have tension among them, one of the cats will frequently attempt to block in another one of the cats and get them trapped inside their litter box. It would help if you made available about a single litter box for one cat. Moreover, you can add one more litter box for the cats, and get them placed at several locations to give your cats alternatives. Make use of open litter pans to enable cats to see clearly in every direction and escape quickly if there is a need for that.


4). You have a dirty litter box

Since cats are naturally clean, they all expect to have neat litter boxes at all times. If the litter box is messy, that would be a simple reason, while the cat will avoid it. The cat litter boxes should be made clean about once per day to get rid of fecal matter and clumped litter. Simultaneously, inspect the levels of the litter and maintain a litter height of about 3 inches or 4 inches consistently. If you do not have adequate litter right inside the box, the cat could be deterred.

Get the litter box disinfected about two times in a month and get it replaced with a new litter. Litter box with self-cleaning mechanisms are an excellent alternative; however, the noise that they make could make the cat scared. Therefore, ensure that you slowly get the cat acclimatized. If the cats become scared, they might not make use of it.


5). It is either the box or the litter

Naturally, cats can become concerned about their litter boxes. If you have a new cat around the house, at first make available the first litter box that your cat had been making use of. To change up your litter type, slowly make this change for between seven and ten days through the addition of little amounts of the fresh litter to the previous litter until this has been changed completely.

It is always a great idea to provide a bigger litter box. Your cat should be capable of stepping inside the box. It should be able to turn around, squat, or scratch itself without having to come in contact with the sides of the litter box. While several cats like covered boxes, other cats like a litter box with open space to become comfortable.

Whichever reason that makes your cat be avoiding the litter box, you should be aware that there are several ways of solving this problem. The solution could be as easy as obtaining analysis from the veterinarian and getting medicine, or you could need to find out a simple solution through trying and failing. Regardless of the result that you get, Petco has available varieties of cat litter, boxes as well as accessories, in addition to the medical expertise that our veterinary affiliates within our stores.


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