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5 Reasons Why Your Dog Might Smell Bad


Dogs normally have that distinct doggie odor. However, even if that’s normal, your pup shouldn’t have a stinky, unacceptable odor.

If you’ve suddenly noticed your dog has some kind of new stinky odor, then it’s vital to find out what’s causing it. Then you can remedy the problem and both you as well as your pup will be happier.


1. Dental Illness


A top thing that can cause your pup to smell stinky is some sort of dental issue. Some people may think it’s merely doggie breath, but it can actually be something quite serious.

Think about it. Your breath wouldn’t be very good if you never brushed your teeth, right? Pets’ teeth can get built up tartar too, and it can cause them to have a stinky breath when it traps bacteria. Plus your dog may have discolored teeth along with the bad smell.

Your vet should look at your dog’s mouth to see if he needs to have his teeth cleaned. The dog is put under anesthesia and the dentist will clean their teeth so they can be healthier as well as have a better-smelling breath.

2. Ears are infected


Infected ears are full of bacteria and yeast, and both of these can smell pretty bad. You may not notice your dog’s ears are infected right away since it can be down deep in their ear canal. But you likely will see the dog scratching at his ear or see a gunky yellow or brown discharge leaking from the ears. That all signifies he’s got an ear infection and it’s time to get a vet appointment. The vet will prescribe the proper medicine and some ear cleaning solution to help your dog get rid of the infection.

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3. Your Dog’s Diet


Some diets might disagree with your pup. Many times if their skin smells “funky” it could be because of them eating the wrong kind of food. This diet might be giving them a stomach ache and so they get gassy. So if your dog has a weird bad smell, talk to your vet to see if he needs a change in what he eats, and then if so, in time the air will be much clearer!
may agree more with your dog than others. When a dog has what many pet parents describe

4. Allergies


Some dogs have a skin allergy which makes them allergic to things like pollen, food or pants or a mixture of things. If it is not treated, this ends up causing a skin infection or an infection of their anal glands. These tend to have a very bad smell.

So, it’s time to see the vet find out exactly what your pup is allergic too if this is happening to your dog. Your vet can determine the best allergy medicine or the right kind of dog food so your pup can smell good again!

5. Environmental Issues


Hey, it’s normal for our pups to sometimes do gross things like a roll in stinky things they found like a dead animal or even some other animal’s poop or other icky substances. If that’s the case for why your dog smells bad, then it’s time to get some mild dog shampoo and give your pup a bath. Be sure to wear some rubber gloves so your skin is protected from the stink.


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