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5 Reasons You Should Play with Your Cat Every Day


Since your tiny little cougar is only allowed to kill time, if you play with them your cat will adore you forever.

I am not good at playtime with my pet cats. It seems whatever I try, they are not very interested for long. I have attempted all kinds of play from catnip mice to wands, feather toys, balls, etc. to no avail.

Sometimes they will play with me if they are the ones that start the session, but they still never want to use any of the millions of toys I bought. One of them loves twisty ties from food, the other actually prefers drinking straws. And like dogs, they will fetch stuff. They will play like that for as long as I will keep it up.

I need to figure out how to play better with them, I know that. Cats out in the wild are busy all day hunting and so our indoor cats really need some exercise and a way to be mentally stimulated. They are very smart and beautiful living beings and will bond tightly with you if you play with them the most.

Here’s 5 reasons it’s important to play with cats every day


4. Play helps them not be bored

It is the end of the week; you’ve been stuck working hard all week in your boring office glued to your computer and nothing but customer orders to break up the monotony. You are so bored you have taken to counting the dust balls in the corner or seeing if the crack on the wall has gotten bigger. What’s next? Filling in the dots on the walls in the bathroom wallpaper?

Did you ever stop to think your poor cat is just as bored? They have to be alone all week with no one to play with and nothing to do but eat, sleep and wait for you to come home. It probably feels like a million years to them.

The play offers your cats important mental stimulation because they can use their bodies and they have to think about what they are doing. You can make it really exciting by providing them lots of interactive type toys for their playtime. But be sure not to tease her with your finger, as that could make them get aggressive and become a biter of fingers.


4. Play encourages your cat to bond with you

If you desire a stronger bond with your cat, playing with them is the best idea in the world. When you play with your cat it helps them get rid of tension or stress and helps them not learn to be aggressive in a bad way via getting stimulated physically and mentally. Instead, the cat will become sure and destressed and happy in her environment. It’s vital for cats to learn how to play so you need to make sure they get socialized when they are kittens so they become great pets.

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3. Playing is like hunting to them

Everyone knows that cats are great at hunting and killing their prey, in fact, they are well known for the old “cat and mouse” game that’s no fun for that mouse at all. In fact, it’s deadly. But it is instinct and outdoor cats or wild ones need to do this to survive.

When it comes to indoor domesticated cats, they still have this inborn desire to hunt their prey! If you play with them about fifteen minutes daily, you can get them to be calmer and more content.  It helps to stimulate their hunting by wiggling the toy or making it “run” away or you could even hide the toy somewhere. It’s also vital to let them catch it from time to time, so even if they love that laser pointer, you should also play with grabbable toys like catnip mice or wand toys. It makes your cat feel like the triumphant hunter when they dig their claws and teeth into that toy!


2. Play is a form of exercise for cats

About half the pet cats are obese these days! Cats are like their owners and will overeat if given the chance. They love snacks as much as we do! Many are also are pretty sedentary and lazy like some of their owners too. This can cause them to develop bad health or problems like diabetes or arthritis or even make it impossible for them to groom themselves.

If you increase their physical activity it will help them lose weight and be healthy again. It works great! Just read up on a recent story about a really fat cat that weighed more than thirty pounds who managed to get down to half that via exercise and dieting.


1. Play is entertaining

Playing with your cat is fun for you and your pet. Watch these funny play activities on some crazy cat videos. Then, try out a few of them in your own home! You and your cat both will be thrilled and satisfied.


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