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5 Simple Ways to Stop Overeating


No matter what you are suffering from, binge eating, eating addiction, compulsive overeating, emotional eating – you need to put a stop to it. And I really hope I can help you with that (though, if your eating disorder is very severe, you should really check in with your doctor).

And in this article, I will give you some great and easy-to-follow tips if you’re trying to stop overeating for good! Instead, you will learn how to practice mindful eating and how to break that food addiction.


1.Drink water before your meals

This may sound silly. It sounded a bit silly to me when I first heard this, too! But drinking water before your meals is a very important thing to do in order to avoid overeating.

This is because thirst can actually easily be confused with hunger. And if you start eating when you’re thirsty, you’re very likely to just eat and eat… Until you realize you’ve eaten too much.

So just have a glass of water before every meal to make sure you’re eating because you’re hungry and not because you’re thirsty. This way you’ll be much less likely to overeat!


2.Eat more often but have smaller meals

The second tip on how to stop overeating is to eat more often.

I know what you may be thinking: Eat more often? But won’t that lead me to just eat too much? When I first started out with weight loss and tried to stop overeating, I would eat just about 2-3 times a day. But that was a big mistake!

Think about it. When you eat 2-3 times a day, don’t you have big meals because you don’t plan on eating for a while? And in between those meals, you probably have some snacks which aren’t always healthy.

This is why it’s a great idea to eat 4-5 times a day but smaller portions. Then you’ll always be full which will keep you from snacking too much. And you will be less likely to overeat because your meals will be smaller!


3.Have a lot of green vegetables

I know, not everybody likes vegetables or eats them every day. Maybe you don’t think they taste good. Sure, maybe plain vegetables aren’t too delicious. I personally avoid having them plain because I just don’t like them. But there are various ways to prepare them and make them taste awesome!

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Personally, I always add some olive oil, garlic, onions or salmon to my salad to pump up the taste. I also like to bake my vegetables sometimes. For example, baked zucchini with olive oil and seasoning tastes amazing!

The reason why you should have as many green vegetables as possible is that they have close to zero calories but keep you full which really helps to avoid overeating.

Just add some vegetables to every meal or have a salad in between meals when you get hungry!


4.Freeze your leftovers

People often make too much food and then feel pressured to finish everything because the food will go bad. And then they overeat. It’s a never-ending circle I’ve been in many times. But here’s a super easy solution!

The next time you’re eating and already feel full, just freeze your leftovers. This way your food won’t go bad for a long time and you can feel free to eat it when you’re actually hungry again and when you actually need it!


5.Eat slowly

Last but not least in our tips on how to stop overeating is to eat slowly.

When you’re eating a delicious meal, I know how tempting it can be to stuff everything on your plate super fast. That’s what I used to do constantly not knowing it had anything to do with weight gain. But that’s exactly the reason you overeat!

Instead, just try to chew everything slowly and thoroughly and actually enjoy your meal. It takes a while for your food to make it to your stomach and give you the feeling of fullness. So give your body enough time.

And before every bite, take a second to think if you really still are hungry. It’s an easy but very effective way to stop eating too much!

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