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5 Things You Should Not Do Before Workout


To ensure you’re making the most out of that time, we have compiled a list of things you might be doing that are setting you up for failure. You’d be surprised by what behaviors could be setting you back before you pick up a single dumbbell, or spend a single second on the treadmill. So, that’s what we’re discussing today.

On the following pages, you’ll read about five things you should avoid before hitting your gym or fitness center.

1. Skimp on sleep

On the flip side, skimping on sleep will equally put you at a disadvantage during your workout. We all know quality sleep is absolutely essential to any healthy lifestyle, and making sure you’re well rested before stepping foot in the gym is key. “You are better off catching up on sleep and giving your body time to recuperate,” The Active Times says. “Rest will help with your metabolism, bettering your workout and fitness goals.” If you’re overly tired, you might want to rest your eyes, rather than spending that time in the gym. You can return fully rejuvenated tomorrow.

2. Sleep too much

Sleeping, like eating and drinking, may or may not impact your workout. Again, it depends on the details. Catching a quick nap — no more than 20 or 30 minutes, Muscle & Fitness says — will probably get you recharged, and feeling refreshed heading into the gym. Longer than that, however, and you may become lethargic.

If you can time your naps, and get in a quick power nap before heading off to the weight room, then yes, get some shut-eye. But if you’re one of those people who fall into a deep sleep for a couple of hours, then you’re better off fighting the sleepiness until after you’ve completed your routine.

3. Skip the warm-up

Instead of static stretching, do a simple warm-up. Jog for a few minutes, do some jumping jacks — just get your body moving and the blood flowing. This will get your body into “go mode” much more effectively than stretching. Skipping a warm-up just because you’re short on time, as PopSugar says, won’t do you any good in the long run. So, just be sure you plan at least five minutes of easy warm-up into your pre-workout routine.

4. Drink too much water

There’s no denying the importance of staying hydrated, but being overly hydrated before your workout can be counterproductive. In particular, Women’s Health says downing too much water (in an attempt to make up for a lack of consuming enough earlier in the day) could put you at risk for a rare, yet serious condition called hyponatremia. When this occurs, your kidneys can’t process all that water fast enough. If this does happen, you’ll be left feeling weak, with a loss of energy, and will likely experience cramping. To avoid this completely, make sure you’re drinking water consistently throughout the day, so you’re not left slamming a bunch right before you hit the gym.

5. Eat (certain things)

If you do choose to scarf something down before picking up the barbells, make a wise decision and go with something small and dense with nutrients. Your body will be able to use the resources as you expend them, as opposed to just pushing them through your system.


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