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5 Tips for Raising a Confident Puppy


One of the best life gifts you can let your new puppy have is to teach them to be secure and confident wherever they find themselves. When your dog is confident, you can quickly train them, they become increasingly social, and they have a minimal tendency to become aggressive. However, there are numerous opportunities that you can use to make your dog confident. Always remember these tips to ensure that you train your dog to become self-assured:


5. When they behave calmly and confidently in a new environment, try to reward them.

Whenever your puppy accompanies you to a new location, ensure that you discover them exhibiting lovely behavior and often reward them for that. This feeling will help the dog to connect positive experiences with new places. Instead of becoming stressed out when faced with a new event, the dog will be interested in meeting new people, going to new places, and exploring new things because they expect you to give them a treat.


4. Train the dog to become successful by using brief training exercises, achievable processes, and highly rewarding them.

Irrespective of how you reward the dog during training, ensure that the training is relatively simple and reward the dog after every two to five seconds. Also, use a combination of hand and voice signals too.

Similarly, it would be best if you did not use punishment and corrections when training your dog. Even though it could become evident to you that you are disciplining it, the dog may not get this message. When you punish the dog excessively, they become insecure and refrain from trying new things.

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3. Make your puppy socialize early and frequently.

The moment you vaccinate the dog for the first time, they become prepared to meet other puppies and play with them. It would be best to allow your puppy to explore communication patterns with new dogs, especially dogs, in the same age brackets.

To get the dog to socialize early enough, find controlled and safe environments such as puppy classes and play dates. If you take them to dog parks or other insecure areas, there could be dog fights. This can become detrimental to the safety of the dog.


2. Frequently handle your puppy by looking out for its paws and mouth.

Look for the best time when the puppy is resting after playing and use the finger to stroke their gum lines as well as massage the dog’s paws. This action will make the dog calm during nail clipping and teeth-brushing sessions.


1. Do not reward anxious or too submissive behaviors.

The best thing that you could do to improve the confidence of your dog is not to reward them for anxiety and fear. Lots of puppy owners with new dogs erroneously give in to a shy dog that coddles or whines. Also note that, if any behavior is rewarded, the dog will show this later in life. Except in cases where the dog is suffering from an injury and needs help immediately, at first, you should ignore any insecure habit from the dog. Then you could find an opportunity to reward the dog for their confident and calmer sides.


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