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5 Tips For Raising A Friendly Cat


When it comes to friendliness, cat breeds usually vary. In order to ensure your cat is feeling very comfortable, there are steps that you need to take. This makes them become very friendly and loving. In case you have got a kitten, starting all of these at an early stage is highly recommended. This will make such kitten become social and well-mannered. Below are some tips that can help you raise a cat that is friendly.


5. Keeping her very close

Avoid the temptation of staying away from your kitten for too long. This is very important especially during those formative months. Although cats are naturally independent, it is important that they are given lots of attention. You can invite people to come around for your kitten to always socialize with. This will make it very friendly.

It is all about giving your cat the utmost attention. This is going to help them become very social amongst others in the future.

4. Introducing your kitten to dogs that are feline-friendly

If you introduce your cat to dogs at a very young age, they will have the chance of learning that dogs can sometimes be very nice. Naturally, most cats seem scared of dogs. This could be due to their unpleasant experiences in the past. It is much easier once there is a dog already in your home.

The idea is to ensure your cat or kitten socializes properly with dogs that are around such an environment. This will make them not to be aggressive whenever they see such dogs.

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3. Gentle handling

This is where it will start. When you fail to handle your cat with care, it will become very scary. This is mostly true for younger cats and kittens. Handle them in a very gentle way. Cats will request for your attention once they notice you are responsive to their needs.


2. Teaching them to respond to your calls

Cats are very clever creatures and they can recognize their names once such is repeated several times. Practice the process of having to call your cat by her names. Once you notice she is responding, use a treat in rewarding her. Cats that usually come based on command have been discovered to be very friendly and social. They are never shy of being around others.

1. Showing your cat affection

When a cat is shown plenty of affection, such can do some wonders in their lives. You can do this by picking and pulling your cat close in a careful manner. Just pet them like they are your babies. They may be independent creatures but they have some soft sides too that you can tender to. You can do this through having to get their fur stroked.

When your cat understands that it is safe to interact with humans, she will begin to develop trust for you. It will help in creating a very strong bond between the both of you. When this is constantly done, your kitten may want to be around you at all times.


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