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5 Tips For Training An Energetic Dog


If you’re regularly spending a few hours playing fetch as well as going on two or more walks every day, yet your dog still runs circles around you, then you realize what it means to have a dog with high energy. These apparently tireless dogs are fun to be with, although you would not be telling the truth if you told me it would be simple to train your fun-loving , wiggling furball.

We love energetic pups due to their great personality and their joyful temperament, however, animal shelters have lots of dogs people turned in because they were too hard to handle. If your dog fits that sort of hyperactivity, please do not throw in the towel when it comes to training them. Instead, try out the following suggestions to help your pup concentrate his energy on a brand-new skill.


# 1 – Exercise Prior to a Training Session

Picture your 5-year-old made to sit still all day at school and they don’t even get a single break. They would likely wiggle around in their chair and look around, not want to pay attention, etc. That is the way your pup is going to act if you attempt a training session prior to getting rid of some of his built-up energy. You’ll need to structure a training session so it’s centered on timeframes in which your pup will focus on you. Chances will improve if you plan a session right after taking your pup on a walk or after you play fetch.

# 2 – Keep Those Training Sessions Fun

It’s not possible to make a pup do anything they don’t want to do. They have to desire training with you. The top way to do it is you have to make sure it’s fun. If your pup believes you will yell at him or you’re going to get all upset and annoyed, then he won’t want to do it. So, you

# 3 – Organize The Training “Program”

The first couple of commands taught to your pup need to be something that is going to make the future training sessions easier. A huge issue when you want to train a dog with high energy is these pups get over-excited when you are training them, and then they help with self-control.  Commands like “Be Calm,” “go to your bed” or “leave it,” are great springboards of obedience training which will be handy whenever you teach them something else.

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#4 – Get the Benefit From Learning Opportunities

Your pup is going to learn things via having routine training sessions. However, you also need to provide additional opportunities during your day. Whenever they desire something—it does not matter what—make your pup work for it. For example, if your pup wants his supper, then make your dog sit, then use the “leave it” command prior to letting them eat. If it’s attention they desire, don’t pat them until they show you how good they are at the “be calm.” If you make your pup earn stuff during his day, it’ll make their brains, as well as their bodies work and use up more of their excess energy.

# 5 – Discover Redirection’s Power

When your pup jumps, runs, barks, etc. you are going to be frustrated and want to get rid of that excess energy so you can get a rest. Punishment isn’t the answer. You need to redirect their energy instead. Having lots of energy is normally connected to them being very smart and having a desire to please you. So if your pup can put that energy into a job you give him, then you both will be happy. Your pup will still get to be active, as well as excited, however, it’s via doing constructive activities. When you redirect your pup it can be through something like providing a Kong toy filled with peanut butter he can spend time eating, or run him through an ability course to see how good he is at it.

It takes a lot of commitment and patience to train a dog with high energy. It’s not going to be simple. However, it will be totally worth doing. Do not allow any small set-back to give you some disappointment. And above all, do not give up on your pup.


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