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5 Tips to Calm an Aggressive Cat


Does your cat act extremely aggressive? Do your cats grab your toes or  and claw at your feet when you tell them not to? Are they acting normal one second, then hissing and clawing at your guests or even at you the next second?

Some cats get excessively stimulated and have a lot of stored up energy, but no appropriate way to get rid of it. Reasons vary from being bored to feeling unsafe or there could be some feral cats becoming too close to your yard.

Whatever is causing it, the following 5 tactics can help you in getting things to be peaceful again for you and your cat:


5. Time for Play

Is your cat getting enough play time with you? If not, that can cause lots of stored up energy and that is going to get released somehow. And many times it brings on aggression like attacking you or other animals, or hissing and clawing at you. It could even make them meow in the middle of the night.

Cats act this way due to not knowing how to get rid of that excess energy I a good way. You need to help them to do find a better way.

There are lots of ways to play with your cat. You can buy a cat fishing pole that has a mouse or feather on the end, or maybe a nice little ball or other fun toys to entrance your pet. Cats adore laser pointers where you can make that red dot dance around the floor, but be careful not to shine it in their eyes.

Whichever toy you get, pretend it’s prey and make it “hide” from you cat and “run” away. Then they will think it’s a hunt.

You need to play along with your cat each day so they can get rid of excess energy and stay calmer. Plus, playing with your cat helps you develop a bond of love between the two of you.


4. The “FFFF” Noise

Cats speak to us via moving around, making eye contact, bumping us with their heads, and funny little hissing or meowing sounds. If you try to speak cat talk to them, they catch on quicker when they are acting up. And if you start from kittenhood, they will catch on to this communication a lot quicker.

If you make a long string of the “fffff” sound, it seems like you are hissing at them. This may fast tell a cat that you don’t want them to do whatever they are doing. Make this sound fast and immediately when you see them doing something wrong. That way the cat knows it applies at that very moment and they won’t get confused at why you are hissing at them.

Repeating things and following through are what make this work. If you make that sound and then feel bad about it and softly pet the cat, they will not understand and will be confused. So, if you have to do it then you also need to avoid being nice to thing for the next several minutes.

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3. Herbal Products or Plugins Can Calm Cats

Countless cat specialists advise using herbal products and plugins to calm cats. These items put out a scent that helps cats stay calm and some of them feature pheromones that imitate your cat’s natural ones that help them get calm.

Put these items where the cat is having most of their issues. For instance, if they are acting up in the living room, plug one in there. The scent will send your cat a signal that all is well.


2. Distract Ferals or Strays

Cats sometimes get nervous and act aggressive if there’s other cats in the neighborhood. Cats can smell their scent even if it’s outside the house and it makes them think their house is under attack. How would you feel if you knew a stranger was walking around in your yard or trying to see inside your house? Likely you would get worried and be aggressive as well!

For your cat’s well-being, you need to make the stray or feral cats leave. You can do things like getting motion activated sprinklers, for instance. The spray of water doesn’t hurt them, but it makes them leave. Or, you could go out in the yard and make a hissing noise and scare them away with a spray bottle yourself.


1. Cat Climbing Posts

Lastly, a tall climbing post is a fantastic method of keeping cats feeling they are in control of the situation if they are getting too aggressive.

At times, that aggression is due to cats feeling like they are helpless or exposed. They could be frightened by other animals–or even by some of the people in your home like small kids.

Since cat trees are up high off the floor, they tend to feel safer. Plus it gives them a great view of whatever is happening in the room. When they climb up or down it, that also lets them get rid of excess energy. Cat climbing posts could also assist a shy cat into being less afraid and get them to stay in the room if you have friends visiting.

Several factors can cause a cat to be aggressive. Don’t forget: just because the cat shows some misbehaving behavior, it does not mean they are a bad cat. Actually, it typically means the cat is stressed out or she has some excess energy.

Bring your cat to the veterinarian if you are worried they are ill. Once the vet clears them from having health problems, try one of the above solutions to help your cat get more sociable and friendly. Good luck!


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