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5 Tips To Get Your Cat To Let You Sleep


Does your cat interrupt your early morning nap? Get the best tips to squeeze out some more napping time from her.

If your cat makes you get out of bed right before it is morning, think about these five clues about trying to sleep more.

If you don’t want your cat to be in your face before you actually wake up, then you should not allow the cat on your beds. However, people whose homes revolve around cats may find this difficult. Cats tend to like our soft beds just the same way that we do, and it is typically difficult to get the cat out of your bed, once she gets on it.

Also, if your cat makes you get out of bed before it is morning, then you should think about these five important information for allowing your cat to get you more sleeping time.



5. Cats are similar to kids: They like daily routines

Creating and sustaining a daily routine is practically the initial step in making your cat know that it has to let you sleep. Why you cannot make them adhere to the time periods you wake up, you can however make them know that they have to live with it.

During the early days with our pet, Ghost Cat, I still had worked on TV in the mornings, so I typically wake up at about 3:30 during weekdays in the mornings. The ghost cat became accustomed to my waking up every morning (which we liked at that time). We would get out of bed at the same and I would have her around my shoulders whenever I was brushing my teeth.

Each time I was leaving to go to work, I usually let her have a tablespoon full of watery food. I had imagined that it was possible she would allow my husband to have his sleep and be able to go back to bed if there was something in her stomach.

This daily routine became effective right up to the moment we relocated, which had forced us to can to the usual weekday arrangement and having our alarm clocks set for 6:30 rather. The first initial weeks were challenging, as the internal clock of Ghost Cat was set for 3:30, however, with enough patience as well as the time we had tried to make her get accustomed to our new arrangement, she typically does not disturb our sleep until around 7 am in some mornings!

4. Easy breakfasts early in the morning.

Feeding systems that are automatic that give the cat its first-morning meal are a fantastic tool for getting some more extra sleeping time. Back then in the loft, Ghost Cat typically cried cry for a long time till around 4 o’clock at mornings, making my husband to get out of bed against his wish and have her eat something.

The spoon of watery food I typically fed her as I went out was usually not sufficient to have the cat to keep quiet right until it is 5 am, at the time the alarm that my husband had set would ring out.

Ultimately, my husband while desperate had purchased a feeder that automatically feeds the pet and had set it up to serve dry food frequently at every 4:30 a.m. the process was so good in making us get some additional time for sleep, then we were stunned when the cat had decided to eat only a diet of wet food and the feeder became useless for some weeks.

Now that the cat is back to eating kibble all over again, we have had the feeder set back to feeding her around 4:30. That seemed more like a routine to her, which is from a previous habit that was formed back from our old routine. If the food finishes, she gets a snack, either she returns back to the bed to us or she walks off to wait in her carrier in the mornings.

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3. Prison rules

Lights out typically the same particular time all night, and the larger bunk bedmate is the boss — these are two statements that are apparently factual in the course of having your sleep in jail as well as sleeping with cats.

Shutting the lights off, at regular time periods is typically a vital part of the usual script of the bedtime routine. It is not that you shouldn’t stay up sometime later during the weekends, however making the room go dark, is such a vital prompt in letting the cat know about its sleeping time.

These days, whenever, I hit my light switch, Ghost Cat typically makes its way to my bed and comes to snuggle around my legs to sleep at night. Also, whenever it is time to remind them about who’s the boss — well, at times you might just need to make the cat know that you are in charge.

However, we do not tolerate any form of scratching, biting as well as any other rough manner in the bed. We do not need to, due to the fact we are much important than the cat.


2. Send her back to her corner

Sometimes, regardless of the last time that you probably gave them a hug or cuddle them, the cats will never stop disturbing you, up to the time you get up.

At the time that she was initially getting used to her new place as well as the new schedule, Ghost cat will typically cry out, whine as well as walk on our bodies right after she had been fed her breakfast by the automatic feeder – this typically happens about 5 am in the mornings, right about one hour and thirty minutes prior to our wake up time.

However, my husband typically is stricter when handling her among both of us. Each time that the cat tries to be bad, he instantly sits on the bed, snaps at the cat with his fingers sending her to her corner carrier.

Due to the fact that we have always left open the carrier and right in the middle in our living room, the cat always feels safe and at home, and likes entering and exiting the living room pretty much the same way that she had been doing with her several other cat houses and baskets. Each time that my husband snaps at it with his fingers and point her to her carrier, the cat typically goes back in there right before we even get to the bed.


1. Accept the fact that the cat is actually right and you should actually get out of bed.

Having to sleep in is a good idea, but at times it may not be worth the hassle. Cats can detect it if you are sleeping excessively, so if it doesn’t stop harassing you, maybe it is about time you get the memo.

Pretty much different from my husband, I do tend to sleep excessively if I am not interrupted. There are numerous people similar to me that will sleep away the whole morning if something or someone does not disturb us. The ghost cat really is a motivating force to get out of bed. Why would you sleep all day when you can play with the cute little pet in the morning.


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