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5 Tips to Keep Your Cats Safe This Halloween


Halloween can be a great, spooky time for humans. Dressing up in your favorite costumes! Parties, food and trick or treating in the crisp fall air. But Halloween night can be scary and even turn deadly for your furry friend. So, as you prepare for the events of Halloween, remember these five tips so everyone in your home can have a safe and happy Halloween.


1. Keep your cats inside

If your kitties aren’t indoors all the time make sure they are inside on Halloween night. The trick or treaters can scare them! Even when inside the house keep them away from the front door… the shouting may startle them and cause them to run out the door! Losing your pal can be a stressful experience for everyone, especially in the dark!

Sometimes people do sinister things on this holiday too! Cats, especially black ones are at risk of being hurt on Halloween night!


2. Keep candy out of your cats’ reach

Candy and your kitty just don’t go together. Sometimes cats eat candy xylitol (found in sugar-free food) can be fatal for cats. Sugar which is found in sugar-free gum and other sugar-free candies. Xylitol can lower a pet’s blood sugar level and also cause liver failure. Keep all your candy put up. If you ninja kitty eats a piece, take your cat to a vet right away.


3. Candles Tempt Our Furry Friends

Jack o’ Lanterns and their flickering candles can be dangerous for cats. The flames draw them in and can lead to kitty burns or worse a full-blown house fire if the candles are tips over! Remember to put all the candles out of reach of your cat. Don’t leave candles unattended and consider using safer battery-powered candles instead!

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4. Watch out for decorations your cats can reach.

Sometimes, spooky decorations may harm cats. For example, those strands of Halloween lights may be too tempting. Your cats will be in for a shock if they chew on the cords. Small decorations are a choking hazard and can cause deadly intestinal blockages. Make sure all the decorations are out of the kitties’ reach.

Small decorations can also lead to choking hazards as well. Anything a cat can pull apart and is small they can choke on, so think about those decorations before you put them up!


5. Don’t leave cats in costumes alone

When dressing your cat up, make sure the costumes are made for cats. Pets alone in costume can lead to your cat becoming tangled in the clothes. They may get their costume hung on something and then choke on it! If your cat has anxiety it would be best not to dress them up! There are many funny cat beds and props to use to celebrate Halloween with your cat. These tips can help both you and your furry friends enjoy Halloween.

These tips can help to keep your furry pal safe on Halloween! Always be on the lookout for unsafe situations in you home every day so your kitty can be safe all year round.


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