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5 Tricks to Help Your Cat and Dog to Get Along


Normally, folks say dogs and cats have fought for ages. But, there’s several grounds to ignore that belief since at times they will cuddle with each other and seem to love being together. Yet, pet owners must realize these are two different species and it could be quite hard convincing them they should be friendly to one another.

If you truly desire your dog and cat to be friends, then pay attention to this article.

Firstly, you must realize cats are normally standoffish and tend to be scared easily. That’s the opposite of dogs, which are normally outgoing, as well as territorial, so they want to be in charge. Just because they aren’t the same, it doesn’t have to mean these two pets can’t live together. They merely require assistance in learning how to deal with each other. Fortunately, this posting will help you teach them to live happily together.


5. Think about their ages

It’s better to introduce your cat to a puppy than a full-grown dog. Older animals tend to not get along, and younger animals are more likely to accept each other. It’s best to get a puppy and a kitten so they learn to like each one another as they grow up together, instead of worrying about your cat clawing up your puppy’s face if they are an older cat.

Plus the main thing to remember is if you have a cat and a dog living together and you are being loving and treat each one well, then that will also help them to grow up and be friends with each other too.


4. Allow both pets to smell each other’s scent

Did you ever notice that a crying baby will suddenly stop crying if you give them to their mother?  Scientists say that’s due to the fact they are capable of smelling their mom’s scent even if their eyes aren’t open. Folks have used this trick to calm crying babies by wrapping them in their mom’s soiled shirt if they need to calm them and their mom is not there. Then the baby thinks the mom is there and is happy.

You can try this when you desire your dog and cat to be friends too! Allow each of them to smell the other animal’s blanket or other items prior to letting them meet in person. Then, they will have gotten used to each other’s smells and it could avert problems when they finally meet.

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3. Consider your pet’s personality instead of their breed

The majority of folks believe totally that it’s not possible for some breeds of cats or dogs to live together even if you try hard to make it happen. But, owners shouldn’t allow their pet’s breed to stop them from viewing their pet’s actual personalities. While a few dogs don’t bond well with cats, there are a few breeds which get along well with them, and knowing which are the best dog breeds to live with cats is a start.

The thing that decides how well a dog or cat will bond is their temperament and how much energy they have. That tells you if you’ve got a dog that’s aggressive and very territorial,  it’s not a good type to be friends with a cat. Plus, most older dogs would rather not be around rambunctious kittens.

So, knowing those things, you can deduce that when a pet doesn’t have the same kind of personality as the other, then you shouldn’t force them to try to get along. But you will require some sort of alternative plan to keep them apart if you insist on having both a dog and a cat.


2.Teach your pet dog

You’ll have to teach your pet dog to be friends with cats by first teaching it to manage any impulsive behavior. This can be learned via watching your dog. For instance, if you notice your dog trying to snatch a piece of food that’s fallen to the floor or lunges if anything runs by them, it’s likely they will do the same sort of thing if a cat comes near them. You must therefore teach the dog to obey commands like “sit,” “stay,” “leave it,” etc. The top method of doing this is to keep the dog leased each time you bring the cat into the room. You should also reward them with treats when they obey your commands and don’t try to hurt the cat.


1.Tire the dog out prior to letting them meet your cat

Prior to the first introduction, tire your dog out by taking them out for a lengthy run, or play with them for a while, anything that uses up their excess energy. That will help keep your dog from wanting to chase your cat at that first meeting. Then, they may have more of a chance to learn to like each other.


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