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5 Ways to Calm Your Anxious Dog


Dogs undergo stressful and anxious feelings just like their owners, but it’s more difficult to notice it in them. Dogs may attempt to show us they are stressed out via putting their ears back, sticking their tail between their legs, drooling, yawning, muzzle licking, or even by lifting their front foot. A few signals that are more noticeable are cringing or go into hiding, quivering, panting a lot, or their anal glands get expressed.

Like humans, there are a lot of techniques you can try to help your dog relax and be soothed. Do you find that listening to music helps you destress? It also helps dogs! Dogs appear to like genres like soft rock or reggae to others like Motown, pop or jazz. Studies showed when music was played at an animal shelter the dogs had less stress.

And additionally, here are five more techniques you can use to destress your pet:


1. Take a look at your daily routine.

Prior to spending a lot of money on something that is supposed to destress your dog, think about ways you can do things differently to help your pet.  Veterinarians say that there are several things a pet owner can do that will assist in managing stress and anxiety in dogs.

For example, if your daily activities are predictable, your dog will be less anxious because he’ll know when he gets to eat, play, go outside, go for walks, etc. This will help your pet be more confident and not so nervous. Plus, it is particularly true if your dog usually suffers from separation anxiety issues.


2. Use compression wraps.

Have you heard of a Thundershirt? It is something your dog wears that acts as a compression wrap. They might look a little strange, but they have been shown to help a lot of dogs get rid of stress. The gentle, constant pressure also is believed to help them have less fear. It is generally used for things like fireworks or thunderstorm, but works for other stress too.

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3. Put on music.

As stated earlier, dogs like reggae and soft rock to help reduce stress. However, some dogs can also be soothed by playing classical music such as Beethoven or Bach. Plus it even helps them bark less often too if that is a problem.


4. Give your dog a massage.

It’s a fact that you can ease your dog’s stress via physical touch. It has even been shown to ease aggression in some dogs. Petting your dog gently appears to help some dogs be calmer, especially during a stressful timeframe such as when they are at the vet and have to get a shot or a blood test says a research study printed the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science.


5. Get help from the pros.

If you are still finding it hard to find a technique that calms your dog, don’t despair. It’s vital to find out the reason your dog is stressed out and then get a way to help him. Likely he won’t just suddenly get over the stress and it could get worse, so you need to address it. You should get an appointment with a veterinarian that specializes in behavior issues or someone certified in applied animal behavior. These pros can help you develop a plan to destress your dog so he can be happy and healthy once more.


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