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5 Ways to Help Your Cat Live Longer


As the team leader of the emergency veterinary of the medical team at the BluePearl Veterinary Partners, Doctor Sonja Olson would often say that she had witnessed numerous cats end up inside the emergency room while having injuries that are life-threatening as well as poor health conditions which could have been prevented easily. In certain cases, several extra efforts from the owner could go along way in saving the cat’s life.


5. Feed the cat appropriately (and watch the cats eat it)

In order to assist your cat to live the best life she can, she requires high levels of moisture, a diet that is appropriate in species, Morgan had said. You should give her dry and wet cat food because the only kibble won’t be effective. Olson and Morgan also emphasize that cats are naturally carnivorous animals and as well they need lots of meat in their food.

If you have several cats and not just one, you should feed the cats separately and monitor the consumption of each cat, says Morgan. Avoidance of food could be an indicator of dental pain or just a medical condition. “You should avoid free-feeding your cat,” she had said. “This causes weight gain as well as reduces the probability of you detecting problems immediately.”


4.Watch the weight of your cat

A cat that is overweight is a cat that is not healthy, doctors agree to this fact. A cat that has a few additional pounds of weight can be prone to lots of health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis as well as liver problems. When an animal is overweight, it also puts its organs and joints under unnecessary stress.

You should feed your cat based on what your veterinarian has recommended. Playing and exercising should also play a part in the daily routine of your cat, says Morgan. The cat should be weighed once per month and you should let your vet know, if there are any drastic losses or gains, she had said.

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 3. Groom your cat on a daily basis

Apart from the fact that a frequent brushing keeps the coat of your cat shining, it also makes you become pretty familiar to the body of the cat and you can instantly notice any changes in terms of texture, shape, or tenderness, said Morgan. You should call in your vet once there are any new bumps, lumps, or sore spots because these could be an indicator of any painful or possibly dangerous medical conditions.


2. Clean up the cat’s litter box on a daily basis

An additional aspect of your daily cat cleaning routine should be consciously cleaning of the cat’s litter box. This will ensure that your house smells fresher and will easily make you notice any slight changes in the cat’s bowels or its urine habits, says Morgan.

You should call in your vet, in the case that your cat has traces of diarrhea or rather blood in her stools or urine, she had added.


 1. Get familiar with the cat’s water instincts.

Cats need to get to fresh clean water every time. This you should know as a cat owner. However, you may not be able to know that a simple trick in the way that you offer this water can assist your cat in getting better hydration.

Since cats have origins from being desert animals, they are very particular about the way that they take in water, says Morgan. They pretty much avoid their whiskers from touching the side of their feeding bowl. Changing this to a wider, flattened food as well as water dishes could help prevent the cat from having whisker fatigue, which is a stressful situation for cats.

A water fountain for cats come also a better solution, says Morgan. Just ensure that you frequently change up the filter.


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