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5 Ways to Make Your Dog Smell Better


Dogs are our best friend, a loved member of the family, and a close companion. But they also sometimes get a tad smelly, which can cause your house to smell bad if you don’t keep your dog clean all the time. Dogs are not naturally stinky, however, they are inclined to get involved with items such as mud or ponds.

Plus they seem to be able to always find things like a dead animal or other stinky objects and then roll around on them. Does that sound like your pup? If it does, have no fear, there’s several methods of making your dog smell nice once more.


Use alternatives to bathing

By using some ingenuity and hard work, your dog can smell good again in short order without needed to actually give them a bath. You can use things like pet grooming wipes or even baby wipes to wipe them down. This gets rid of the smelly odors and you don’t have to use up your time putting your pet into the bathtub.

You can also perform a dry bath on your dog! Do this by using cornstarch, not dry shampoo for people. Rub some cornstarch all into your pet’s fur and after that, brush them to get it out. The cornstarch works to get rid of a lot of the stinky odor and they’ll be a lot more pleasant to be close to after you are done.


Clean out your dog’s ears

If you do not clean your dog’s ears regularly, they can get kinda stinky. Just get a cotton ball and a small amount of baby oil, then use the cotton ball and carefully rub it inside the dog’s ears to clean them. Start on the inside and work your way to the outside of their ears. Be very careful as you do this, as their ears are quite sensitive. Talk to your vet if you need to learn how to clean a dog’s ears correctly.

If you do this and their ears still smell bad, or they look irritated, then you need to call your vet to have them checked out.


Wash your dog’s blankets and bed

Dogs tend to like to relax a lot in their dog bed or on their blanket. By making sure those things are washed on a regular basis, particularly if your dog managed to get them all nasty and dirty after playing outside. If you do this your dog and your home will both be cleaner and nicer smelling.

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Groom your dog

Grooming your dog on a regular basis makes your pet smell good, as well as makes them look better and feel better. You should also brush them every day and finish it off with grooming spray. Brushing reduces the quantity of dirt that’s in your dog’s fur, and grooming spray conditions their coat. Additionally, for the most part, these sprays smell nice, so you are pretty much spaying a kind of perfume on your dog.

Grooming dogs has yet another fantastic benefit. It provides a way to spend quality time with your dog and you can also check them for any ticks, fleas, wounds, or other problems. The quicker you discover these types of problems, the better, so grooming should be part of the daily activities you do with dogs.


Dealing with a skunk

If your dog has a run-in with a skunk, your whole house or car or other places he goes will also smell horrible. Dog shampoos won’t do much to get rid of that skunk smell, so you will have to use something else. If your dog has gotten skunked, don’t let him in the house until you bath him in this:

Mix together a quart of three percent hydrogen peroxide, along with a quarter cup baking soda, and a single teaspoon of liquid dish soap. If you don’t have any of those, you can get some vinegar and dilute it with water. Then use the mixture to scrub down your dog, but keep it out of their mouth or eyes as it can make them vomit. Then rinse it off entirely. You can then give him a bath with a regular dog shampoo, as all the above will work together to help get rid of the skunk stink.

Unlike conventional shampoos, this mixture oxidizes skunk thiols, which are what cause the skunk’s spray to smell bad. It turns those thiols into disulfides. That won’t smell half as horrible as the skunk smell, as you are breaking down the components instead of just trying to cover up the smell by washing the dog off.


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