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5 Ways Your Cat Show That They Love You


Cats do not speak in languages that we understand, therefore trying to know what it is they are saying can be challenging. Typically, cats are known as independent animals. They require affection and love while they are staying with humans. Cats show us love in several ways, and we may not associate this as a natural love gesture. If your cat ever does anyone of the gestures mentioned here, they may want you to know the way that they feel.


5. They follow you

If you do own a cat, then probably you should be aware that they are going to come after wherever that you may go. They can go everywhere. Most cat owners can become surprised if the catch watches them while in a bathroom or they see the cat staring at them in the face in the morning. But do not be afraid, the cats are not spying on you. They only follow you around since they like you. While they may not have to sit on your laps at all times, the cat just wanted to be in the same room as you is a shred of evidence that they like staying around you.


4. Bringing you gifts

At certain times, you could receive some form of contributions from your cat. If the cat likes staying indoors only, luckily, it could be your most loved toy or any random object from around the house. But, there is an infestation of rodents, or there is a cat that stays indoors and outdoors, you could wake up to a dead animal placed on your doorstep. Do not be scared – your cat is only trying to show its gratitude and love. Most cats hunt naturally and are very efficient in hunting; therefore, these gifts are basically how these cats show off their hunting skills.

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3. Head Butting

Whether you believe this or you do not, each time that your cat head butts you, it is marking its territory. Whenever it is doing this, it is spreading all its pheromones to make all other cats aware that she owns you. This could be slightly more possessive and strange; however, it could indeed mean that your cat wants you to be around her. This is a simple indication that the cat likes you and wants anyone that cares to know that you both belong together.


2. Cat kneading

Cats are famous due to their behavior of kneading, which is unique in animals. The cats typically exhibit this behavior during the time that they were kittens while still nursing. It is an indication to signify safety and comfort, and therefore if your cat begins kneading you while you are petting it and it begins to sleep, you should be assured that it can feel your love just the same way that it felt it as a kitten.


1. Trying to make eye contact

In a world of cats, it is often difficult for them to look at a stranger in their eyes. This could mean that you are trying to fight it, possibly for its territory or a mate. Due to this, making eye contact is something that is not done in the cat world. The only time which your cat could adequately make eye contact is the time that she is with the people which she trusts and is comfortable with.


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