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5 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained


Everyone knows cats do some really strange things. When I say strange, I don’t mean to say the action is naughty. Actually, these strange things make cat lovers love their pets more. Did you believe your pet cat was the one that did these strange things? Perhaps that is true, but even so, there are still a few strange behaviors some cats do that others don’t do.

So, it gives us all more reasons to love our cats and all the strange things they do. Their odd, unsuspecting quirks are what makes us keep watching them and wondering what strange thing they will do next.


5- Why Does My Cat Put Her Butt In My Face?

You’ve been there. You are in bed, trying to get some sleep or maybe watching TV in your chair. All of a sudden the cat leaps up to be with you rubs on you and wants you to pet them, but then they suddenly shove their butt right into your face. So, what the heck makes them feel like they have to show off their rear-end? Actually, it’s due to the fact they don’t see you as being a threat to their safety.

Cat experts say that if a cat shows you their butt, it’s a complimentary expression of how much they love you. You could say it’s a cat’s way of hugging you or kissing you.

Don’t forget, your kitty cat is a hunter and hunters don’t want to appear weak or vulnerable. So, if they have turned their back to you and aren’t staring you in the eyes, it means they trust you 100 percent. People sure don’t show trust by putting their butts in our faces to say I trust you, but you have to see how things work from your cat’s point of view.

Another reason that might be more scientific for why your pet desires to shove their butt into your face is they are naturally doing something that helps you learn more about them. Due to her physical makeup and her capability of learning from odor based clues, a cat is quite comfy putting her rear-end where you would be able to smell it and she thinks that is how you get info as well.

Cats have lots of very sensitive nerve endings around the tail’s base, and if you scratch them there, feel-good endorphins get released into their brains.


4- Why Do Cats Make That Silly “Smell” Expression?

Did your cat ever sniff you and then all of a sudden make a weird face where their mouth was partly open, and it appeared as if they were trying to breathe through their mouth instead of the nose? Cats, along with several other mammals, all make that strange looking face. It’s called a “Flehmen response. But what the heck causes that weird expression?

Cats have a special organ in the roof of their mouths back behind their front teeth. It’s known as the Jacobson’s or vomeronasal organ. If your cat makes that weird expression, it means they smell something they think is interesting, and that organ helps them draw the aroma into it so they can smell it more strongly. Their tongue also traps the aroma and sends it to the organ so they can analyze it more thoroughly.


3- Why Do Cats Follow Us into The Bathroom?

Do you always keep your bathroom door open so your cat won’t go crazy? If not, I bet you’ve seen little tiny paws poking under the door like the cat was asking, “Hey, what’s the problem?!”

Cats love to hunt. It doesn’t matter if the land to do that is in the house or in the yard.  After saying this, you probably aren’t something they would hunt, but they still want to know where you are constantly.  Would it help to shut that door and create a way to block them from getting to you? That’s just going to make the cat want to see you more strongly.  Doing that will just make them even more curious about your whereabouts. They wonder if you are secretly doing something they should know about behind that shut door.  Yeah, we know the cats could be doing that thinking while sticking those cute paws under your door and making loud mews.

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A different cause for getting so clingy? The cat may be experiencing separation anxiety if they know where you are, yet they can’t see or be with you.



2- Why Do Cats Like Sleeping on Our Heads?

Everyone knows a cat at times loves to groom their owner by licking them, but did any of your cats ever sleep on top of your head? A tabby cat I had named Tigger took it upon himself to plop right down onto my head at night when I was trying to sleep. I never could figure out why he loved to do that so much. Why choose my head out of all the other places on my body?

I discovered cats have this strange behavior first because your head’s a warm place and of course they like to be warm too when they go to sleep. But other body parts are warm, right? But we lose heat from the top of the head, and cats seem to have figured that out!


A funny fact about cats is their normal body temperature is warmer than ours at about 102 F. They have to keep that body temperature so they can maintain their normal metabolism. Therefore, they look for some kind of source of heat to keep them warmer at night. And once there’s around 10 pounds of furry feline on your head, you both are gonna be super warm.

Another possible reason cats sleep on our heads is they don’t want to be disturbed during their nap, and they figure you aren’t as likely to move your head while you are sleep, while lots of people move their arms or legs during sleep. Therefore, it appears our cats are super smart and just want to get a great nap in, oh silly human.


1- Why Do Cats Feel They Must Squeeze into a Tight Area?

Cats love squeezing themselves into everything from boxes to bowls. They seem to be thinking, if I fit, I sit! There’s even a famous YouTube cat named Maru who is from Japan and his owner puts up videos of the cat squeezing into very tiny boxes and other tiny places.

But why do he and lots of other felines seem to have a desire to squish themselves into boxes and other tight places? Some theories say it’s because the tight space makes them feel more secure and their wild instincts tell them a tight space is more secure than a big open area.

Plus, cats’ instincts tell them to always be ready to ambush prey, and when they are squeezed up into a small box or space, they can watch everything around them and feel safe and secure and ready to pounce if they need to.

Most cat lovers say their pets are the center of their worlds, and they don’t want anything about them to change, including these strange activities, even if they could make them change. What kind of strange things does your cat do? Let us know in the below comments section.


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