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6 Best Lip Oils to Try Right Now


Are lip oils really better than lip gloss? Yes, they can be. “These formulas are usually either lightly tinted or clear, sheer yet shiny on the lips, and feel less tacky than a typical lip gloss,”  And lip oils can be good for your lips, too: “The lip oils we evaluated typically incorporated a variety of naturally-sourced oils, mostly vegetable, fruit and seed, in combination with synthetic variants,” she explains. “These oil ingredients are said to mimic the lipid content of skin to protect, hydrate, and accentuate lips.”


1. Color & Care Lip Oil In Stick

For zero goop factor, try this Almay tinted lip oil, which comes in a solid stick (and six shades). The twist-up crayon swipes on with no mess. “It made my chapped lips look so much better and has a nice sheen to it without being too glossy,” an Amazon reviewer said.


2. Hydrating Lip Oil

This clear Burt’s Bees lip oil is based almost entirely on natural botanical oils, including castor, sunflower, meadowfoam, and coconut. “Every day I wake up with dry skin on my lips,” an Amazon reviewer reported. “This is the best lip product I have ever used to combat constant peeling.”


3. Applemint Hydrating Lip Oil

From Korean K-beauty brand Nooni, this lip oil delivers soothed and fuller lips simultaneously thanks to mint extract. “It makes my lips look healthy and fresh,” an Amazon reviewer said. Editor’s note: It looks blue in the tube, but comes out clear on lips and the blue tint has a smile-brightening effect.

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4. Total Hydration Vitamin Enriched Tinted Lip Oil

This bargain translucent tinted lip oil from Chapstick based on six plant oils gives the plumping sheen of gloss plus the nourishment of a balm in one swipe. “No stickiness, and my lips felt hydrated, not parched,” a tester noted. The drugstore pick comes in a range of colors for every occasion and style, from neutrals to dark berries.


5. Lip Comfort Oil

This Clarins lip oil formula is hands down the GH Beauty Lab favorite and comes in several shades, from red to pink, berry, and nude. In evaluations, “we liked the hint of color and the dewy, elegant look this provides, the perfect mix of a gloss and stain,” Wizemann says. “ Incorporating jojoba and hazelnut oils with emollients, this lip oil stays put and contains ingredients that can protect, soothe, and smooth lips during cold weather without being sticky or heavy for the summer months.” GH Beauty Lab chemist Danusia Wnek agrees: “It feels so moisturizing and comfortable on my lips and gives a nice shine with a touch of color.”


6. Crushed Oil-Infused Lip Gloss

For maximum color payoff in a lip oil, look no further than this Bobbi Brown formula, which contains a higher level of pigment and comes in a large range of 12 shades, from neutrals to bolds. Made with olive and apricot oils, “it feels so great and moisturizing,” a Nordstrom reviewer noted. “I hate lip glosses, but this is by far the best one I’ve ever used.”


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